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Thank you for considering the Go-Pod - we're delighted that you like it!

This page provides details of available offers & information on how to proceed with your purchase.

All Go-Pods are the exact same size, shape and layout. The only difference between them is the choice of accessories added, to suit your own way of camping. 

Therefore having seen one, you are in a very good position to order without further travelling. Even our Head Office showroom couldn't provide better information!

If you have viewed with an owner, their interior might not be the very latest version, so please review the 'Look inside' video above for the current design. No special effects are used in our photography. Please note that the standard fabric is now a plain beige material, ref 118.

Please click here to order via our dedicated online shop. A new window will open on your computer, leaving this page open to refer to.

At the online shop you'll be able to review all our models without obligation & find full details of what is included. 

Once decided, just complete the question on screen & 'Add To Basket'. After which you'll be able to 'Customise Your Go-Pod' - adding your own choice of extras.

Click on an accessory's thumbnail image to open it's page, for the product information and customer reviews. If you like it - just click 'Add To Basket' then continue shopping or go to checkout.


Our PLUS & Platinum packages are great value and have discounts already built in! When you buy a PLUS it saves £568 compared to adding the same items to a Standard model, while the Platinum saves even more at £698.

We have three additional offers available and these remain the same whether you view with an owner, visit our showroom or see us at a trade show. There are no better offers available at any time.

Offer available for orders placed within 5 days of your viewing date.

Offer 1: For the Standard & PLUS models ONLY - Receive a free Starter Pack that includes: gas bottle, a 25m hook up cable with winder & adapter, wheel clamp, hitch lock & jack pads - worth £250! To claim this offer add the Starter Pack to your basket then enter the following discount code at checkout. Code: SPACK250

Offer 2: For Platinum models - Receive a free PLAT Pack that includes: Cadac BBQ, Twin-Pro water & waste caddy set, jack pads & chrome socket upgrade inside - worth £475! To claim this offer add the PLAT Pack to your basket then enter the following discount code at checkout. Code: PPACK475

offer 3: Free delivery up to 250 miles. UK mainland only. Any additional mileage will be charged at £1.65/mile based on the Google Maps distance from PR8 5LF to the delivery postcode. To claim this offer, please add a note to the 'comments box' on checkout and a member of staff will contact you to arrange the delivery details.

To apply for your Special Offer, please order within 5 days.

Add the appropriate pack to your online basket. 

Starter & Plat Pack contents can be found in the 'Add-ons' section of the Shop. The icons to look for are shown below.

TERMS: Only one offer per Go-Pod purchase. Please use the correct code for the correct pack. Codes may not be used in conjunction with any other order or offer. Time limits apply.

Don't forget to order your Go-Tarp - this requires a separate order as it's no longer part of the spec. Click here.


You only need pay a deposit at this time, with the final balance not required until collection. Deposits are £1000.00 for all models. The cost of any additional accessories is also payable at time of ordering. Deposit amounts are displayed clearly on the order summary. 

Payment can be made online via any bank card. At PayPal portal, select the 'Guest' checkout option.


At the checkout page, please complete the information requested. If ordering accessories only select the £12.00 flat rate delivery option.

From there on, please follow the instructions displayed.

To go to the shop now, please use the green button above.

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