Buying From France

Most of our French customers have bought their Go-Pods without prior viewing and always report that the Go-Pod was even better than they had expected.

The following advice from a lady called Sue explains the registration process for other French customers. She lives in France and has purchased a Go-Pod herself.

"Having just imported a Go-Pod myself, here is some advice on what you will need to register it in France.
You'll need to obtain the following documents - 
  • Certificate of conformity - provided on request at collection. 
  • Proof of your identity such as a passport or driving license.
  • Proof of your address - a utility bill or similar.
  • The invoice that’s also supplied on pick up.
  • Insurance. 
Then take all of this to a company like Cartaplac in your area, (or possibly a garage), and speak to them. They will require a payment in the region of 100€ to process your regsitration. 
All documents will be forwarded to Carte Grise - the new central organisation responsible for French registration documents.
You then simply wait for your new number plate to arrive.
This can take some weeks so in the meantime, keep copies of the documents with you and use your car's registration number. The Gendarmes are fullyaware of the delay, so, if you are stopped there should be no problem."
Owner Amanda provided this information regarding why there are no VAT implications:
"Normally in the EU, the VAT on new vehicles is paid in the country where the vehicle is registered .
In France, to register a new vehicle, a document called a Quitus Fiscal ‌is needed from the local tax office, confirming that VAT has been paid in another EU country, (i.e. the UK), and therefore there is no liability for VAT in France.
However , there is an exemption for this document if the vehicle is a remorque. The definition of a remorque is a vehicle without a motor that is towed behind a car. This includes a Go-Pod. Therefore on going to register the Go-Pod you just need to say that a Quitus Fiscal is not necessary. So VAT is paid in the UK as part of the purchase price and there is no liability in France."
For ordering from within France, please visit this link for further information: click here.