Go-Pods - Germany Customers

Here is some information to assist customers in Germany.

You can buy within the EU at www.Go-Pod.com - our European website.

Or you can purchase from the UK and collect from the UK port of Dover.

The following information was kindly supplied by customer Ralf Jungmann from Germany, for the importation and licensing of a NEW Go-Pod.

In order to get a license plate you need:

• The ORIGINAL of the EU Conformity Certificate matching to the chassis number of the trailer.

• A purchase invoice marked "PAID" from the vendor.

Ralf says; "With these documents and an insurance cover certificate, it is possible to get a license plate for 3 years, (new car), go to England, attach the plate on the vehicle and go back without any custom issues to Germany."

Ralf checked the importation with the Tax Office before and having the documents mentioned above, had no problem at the borders (UK, Netherlands, Germany).  

If you have a valid tax ID number, we do not have to charge you sales tax. Private citizens without the tax ID will need to pay the UK sales tax.

Note: This information is correct of Dec 2019 - pre-Brexit and the UK leaving the EU.