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Compatible to all model - the Go-Tarp sun & rain canopy. Easy to use canopy - exclusive to Go-Pods & only available here.

Packs away small and assembles in moments, the Go-Tarp canopy is included with every new Go-Pod model.

Ideal for shorter stop-overs & for those preferring a more alfresco feel to their camping. Secures to the Go-Pod by sliding its integral awning bead in to the awning rail located above the door. Then attach the poles supplied and peg it down. Once you have the string lengths set after the first use, it's even faster to put up!

Designed to keep the rain off when stepping out of your Pod and to offer some welcome shade too, it has a special silvered, protective UV coating on the under side. There's plenty of room for a table and couple of chairs and it's not a problem in breezey conditions.

The Go-Tarp can be configured in a number of ways and if its raining when packing away, just roll your Go-Tarp up wet, pop it in a carrier bag and throw it over the clothes line to dry when you get home.

These green nylon Go-Tarps carry a white Go-Pods logo, include two sectioned poles, pegs and high visibility, day-glo green guy ropes.

Lightweight, small and convenient - the perfect partnet for your Go-Pod.

Weight: under 3Kg.

Area approx: 3m x 3m.

Poles approx: 1.8m 

Items may vary from images shown. Available for home delivery.

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Go-Tarp UV

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