Go-Pods - towing equipment

Towing Equipment & Advice.

Once you have checked your vehicle's towing capacity  you will need to arrange for a towbar & electrics.

We don't provide this service as fitting tow bars is specialist work.

Many customers prefer to find a local mobile fitter online, who will come to fit your tow bar at home or at the work place.

You will require a standard 50mm diameter tow ball and 13 pin Euro socket electrics. This socket will accept the Go-Pods 13 pin plug which works the towing lights, charges the caravan's on-board battery and powers the fridge in transit. 

In our experience, the height at which the tow bar is fitted at is usually suitable and we have customers with cars ranging from Fiat 500's to Range Rovers. If you have an unusually high vehicle, ask your tow bar fitter if a drop plate is necessary.

If you're tow vehicle already has the older version, 'twin electrics' you can buy an adaptor in our online shop to convert the leads. Likewise, if you have only 7 pin electrics on your car, you can still tow using an adaptor but it will only operate the driving lights & won't power anything else.

You may be offered an AL-KO, Witter or other branded make of tow ball. This however is not necessary and a cheaper, unbranded option is normally available if you ask.

Regarding extension mirrors, the Law requires that drivers of the towing vehicles have adequate view to the rear.  With the Go-Pod, most vehicles existing side mirrors allow for a good view along the entire side of the caravan and extension mirrors are not therefore required.

If you're unsure regarding the need for extension mirrors, you don't have to decide until the collection day itself. Once you have your tow vehicle hitched you'll be able to check visibility. Extension mirrors are available to purchase in our camping store at the pick up location.