How to tow with a car that has less than a 1000Kg towing allowance

Applicable to small cars only. If your cars maximum braked towing allowance is 1000Kg or over - this does not apply.

The Lower Chassis Plate Option: 

All caravans legally require a chassis plate and on Go-Pods it is attached to the front draw bar. For 2018 models onwards the MTPLM is 1000Kg and the plate reflects this figure. 

As mentioned elsewhere, the plated figure should not exceed the tow vehicle's braked towing allowance - so this could present a potential problem for owners of cars with less than a 1000Kg capacity.

To overcome this we can provide a chassis plate downgrade option on request, with a lower 750Kg MTPLM. This allows owners of smaller cars to display plate weights that are within their car's legal limit.

Remember, with the plate downgrade you also reduce the user payload that's available & this option best suits the lighter Go-Pod models, which still offer excellent user payloads after applying the downgrade.

Altough plate downgrades are not recommended on the current Platinum Edition, it is available for PLUS models which still yields a respectable user payload after. †  

Carrying heavier items in the car is a good way reduce the payload for Go-Pods with downgraded plate. The general rule of thumb is that two people may need 150Kg between them, (Source - Camping & Caravan Club website - click here), so this still offers a useful and viable option for those wishing to tow with a smaller car.

If you would like request this option, please select the check box when ordering your new Go-Pod online.


Important notes:

Measurements and weights shown are intended as a guide and may vary, be approximated or estimated where necessary. Weights may change without notice and we recommend allowing a suitable margin. If your car's towing allowance is low, please remember that adding accessories will increase the overall weight & you may wish to carry more of your load in the tow vehicle. Roof boxes are a popular solution too. Actual Mass figures are offered as a guide only and we recommend working to the maximum MTPLM which must not be exceeded and it is the owners responsibility to ensure this.

Approx 130Kg at time of publish - please check model pages.