Press information

If you require press information for Go-Pods - micro tourer caravans, please download the .pdf from the bottom of the page.

Images may be taken from the website and for HD versions please contact [email protected] - thank you.

Go-Pods are the perfect vehicle for every adventure!

These compact micro-tourer are part made by our factory in Portugal before be finished in our workshops at Southport, Lancs, UK

Reducing the over all size and weight of a trailer yields many benefits and dramatically increases convenience & usability.

Contact for press: Mr Taylor Palmer. [email protected]. 0800 920 2093.

Press Release 

Here’s a list of bullet points:

  • Go-Pods are compact, rugged, all weather micro-tourers. 
  • They’re small enough to access many sites and areas that other full size caravans and motor vehicles simply cannot reach.
  • They tow beautifully, being designed not to snake or wobble & this opens up a world of adventure to those normally put off by towing.
  • Their compact size means they’re easy to store, (often even in a garage), so they're at hand, packed ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • They’re fully insulated and have dual fuel heating, so you can explore all year, either on or off hook up.
  • Once at your destination, you have the use of your tow vehicle to explore, without having to break down your campsite to do so.
  • There are no seams to leak or panels to dent. The GRP, (which can be ordered in any colour), has an impressive lifespan.
  • There's a large awning for additional living space whenever it needed & the option of a bedroom tent for extra accommodation too.
  • Campers will love the minimal set up time involved - just wind down the two rear stabilisers and you’re done!
  • Quick to pack up too - whatever the weather. No wet fabrics to dry out before you go - or at home afterwards.
  • Excellent comfy king size bed but also the option of single bunks too..
  • The spec also includes a seating area, sink, 2 burner hob, fridge, solar power, toilet etc.
  • Ideal for single travellers, couples or young families.
  • None of the additional vehicle running costs that are associated with motorhomes & campers - and no huge depreciation either!
  • The ultimate blend of comfort and convenience - great for every adventure from short breaks to long, international road trips.


Photos available on request - or copy from the site.         Download text as .pdf - click here.