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If you are transferring the remaining balance for your Go-Pod order, please use your name (or the name on the order, if under a different name) as the payment reference.

The Go-Pods seating area converts into a double bed with the use of pull-out slats and the backrest cushions.

Click here to see a video demonstration of the bed being made.

Go-Pods manufactured before July 2016 used the tabletop to form the base of the bed.

Click here for a video demonstration.

If you would like to order your own bespoke Go-Pod, with choice of furniture finish, fabric combinations and even GRP shell colour, visit the "Order a bespoke Go-Pod" shop category.

Bespoke orders are custom-built at our factory in Portugal and have an average lead time of 6 weeks (please contact us to confirm the exact lead time as this may vary due to demand).

We usually hold a selection of brand new Go-Pods in stock with preset furniture and fabric colour combinations - click here to view current stock.

Click here to view furniture & fabric colour options.

If you're a keen cyclist, taking your bike with you when you visit a campsite is likely a priority. Lots of campsites are situated close to great cycling path, and they allow you to explore the local area without needing to use your car.

Standard size bikes can be transported inside of the Go-Pod, saving the need to attach a bike rack and keeping them free of road dirt in transit.

Click here for more info.

Our blog is a great source of information for all things Go-Pod. There are tonnes of useful articles covering a range of topics, and we regularly update it with new content.

Click here to visit the blog.

We offer the dual-fuel Propex HS2000E space heater, which can run on either gas or 240v mains electricity.

Click here for more information.

Propex space heater manual can be found here.


Go-Pods are incredibly lightweight, and as a result most cars (even those with small engines!) can tow them without issue.

There are a few things that you'll need to check to ensure that your car is able to tow a Go-Pod, including a couple of legal requirements.

Click here for a comprehensive guide.

Your Go-Pods chassis number can be found on the VIN plate attached the side of the drawbar at the front of the Pod.

Click here for more info including registration advice.

There are 4 furniture colour finishes available:

  • Canosa Pine (dark wood furniture units, white matte doors & stone effect worktops)
  • White Antique (high gloss cream furniture units & doors, oak effect worktops)
  • Azurite Blue (dark blue "silk effect" anti-fingerpint finish furniture units & doors, white gloss worktops)
  • Matte Grey (light grey "silk effect" anti-fingerprint finish furniture units & doors, light grey "Andu Wood" worktops)

And 4 fabric ranges:

  • LISO range (hard wearing, one-tone finish)
  • COLIBRI range (hard wearing, two-tone finish)
  • TALISMA range (suede effect finish, vibrant colours)
  • VILLAR range (velvet/velour effect finish, vibrant colours)

We usually hold a selection of brand new Go-Pods with preset furniture finish & fabric combinations in stock.

If you would like to select your own custom furniture/fabric colour combination, please visit the "Order a bespoke Go-Pod" shop category. Bespoke orders have an average lead time of around 6 weeks, but please contact us for the current lead time as this can vary due to demand.

Click here to view the full range of furniture and fabric colour options.

The GRP shell can also be matched to any RAL code for additional fee. Click here for more info.


Red Lion Caravan Center in Southport, Lancashire is the sole importer and dealer of new Go-Pods in the UK.

Click here to see the options for viewing a Go-Pod.

In 2023 we started to form partnerships with a number of dealers across mainland Europe and beyond.

Visit www.Go-Pod.com, our dedicated non-UK website, to check if there is a Go-Pod dealer in your country.

If we don't have a dealer in your region yet, don't worry! You can order from us direct for shipping to you from our factory in Portugal, or UK head office.

Go-Pods bound for Australia & New Zealand are delivered from our UK head office. Please visit www.go-pod.co.nz/shipping-and-returns for a comprehensive guide on shipping and importing a Go-Pod to your country.

For other customers across the world, please check if we have a dealer in your region by visiting www.Go-Pod.com and checking our dealer map. If we don't have a dealer in your country, you can order from us direct and we can either arrange shipping for you, or you can appoint your own shipping agent for us to work with. Send us an email at [email protected].


For bespoke orders, there are 4 fabric ranges to choose from. You can select a single fabric colour for both seating & curtains/cushions, or mix and match 2 fabrics to create your own unique combination.

  • LISO range (hard wearing, one-tone finish)
  • COLIBRI range (hard wearing, two-tone finish)
  • TALISMA range (suede effect finish, vibrant colours)
  • VILLAR range (velvet/velour effect finish, vibrant colours)

Click here to view the full range of furniture and fabric colours.

Our partner Autofinance offers finance options on the Go-Pods.

It can often be cheaper to secure a personal loan from your bank, as interest rates from finance companies have increased significantly since 2020.

If you would like a finance quotation, please send an email to [email protected].

The current Go-Pods (from 2022 onwards) are fitted with Dometic CRE50 12v front-opening refrigerators. These fridges run from the leisure battery and will operate without mains electricity, making them perfect for off-grid adventures.

Older Go-Pods were fitted with Dometic 240v refrigerators that will not run without a mains connection. However, it is possible to remove these fridges from the storage space and connect them to a gas bottle outside of the Go-Pod.

All post-2020 Go-Pods include a front box/gas storage locker, mounted to the front of the Pod below the window, and above the drawbar.

The gas bottle is stored inside, secured by a harness, and is fully plumbed through to the 2 burner hob and heating system (if installed).

It is possible to retrofit a front box onto an older Go-Pod. Please click here for more info.


Go-Pods fit in most standard UK garages, helping to save on storage fees and allowing you to get away whenever the mood strikes you!

Your garage will need a minimum of 2.10m clearance. Please check the Go-Pods dimensions here.

In 2023, Calor Gas discontinued the 3.9kg propane bottle that was the standard for most small caravans.

There are a number of suitable alternative bottles available on the UK market. Click here for more information.

The Go-Tarp sun & rain canopy is a bespoke-made canopy manufactured specifically for the Go-Pods. Featuring a UV-resistant underside, it's perfect for sheltering you from the sun or rain.

Click here to order a Go-Tarp.

Go Promotions Ltd are a marketing solutions agency based in Bedfordshire, UK.

We take care of the sales & marketing efforts (the front-end) on behalf of Red Lion Caravan Centre, including website management, social media and representation at trade shows.


Visit our premises in Southport, Lancashire to view our Go-Pod demo model in our showroom and our selection of pre-owned Go-Pods.

Click here to book an appointment.

Ordering a Go-Pod via our website shop is easy! There are just 3 steps:

  1. Visit the shop page and add the Go-Pod to your basket (we usually hold a selection of brand new & pre-owned Go-Pods in stock, which are available immediately, or if you wish to choose your own custom furniture/fabric colour combination, visit the "Order a bespoke Go-Pod" shop category)
  2. Select add-ons/accessories
  3. Checkout!

If you've ordered a bespoke Go-Pod, your order will then be entered into the production queue at our factory in Portugal. You'll receive a series of automated emails to update you with the progress of your order, and once it lands with us in the UK for final fitting, we'll call you to arrange a firm delivery or collection date.

If you're more comfortable ordering via telephone, give us a call on 01234 816 832.


We suggest that you insure your Go-Pod on a 'new for old' basis based on the price you paid including any accessories. You may also consider adding £500 cover for personal effects.

New customers are also entitled to a 14 day FREE tow-away insurance cover offer from CaravanGuard. To claim, please select the option at checkout.

CaravanGuard are the preferred insurers for the majority of Go-Pod owners, so we can recommend trying them for a quote. They are familiar with the Going Go-Pod model and offer good quality service at a cost effective price.

Click here for more information.


The Go-Pods come equipped with a number of interior and exterior lights.

Inside, there are 2 x LED reading lamps situated at either end of the shelf above the front window, warm white LED lighting strips above the kitchen & refrigerator units, and warm white LED lighting strips in the footwell (with independent switch).

There's also an exterior LED porch light mounted above the door to provide lighting in the awning during the evening/night.

Click the links below to view the full list of:


We're often asked if it's possible to tow a Go-Pod with a motorbike, and sadly, based on Government guidelines, it seems not.

However, there are a few customers who tow their Go-Pods with trikes, so you may be in luck!

Click here for more information.

Automatic motor movers are the most popular accessory that we fit to Go-Pods!

The motor mover consists of two units fitted either side of the Go-Pod. At the push of a button, the drive rollers engage against the caravan’s tyres. Your Go-Pod can now be effortlessly manoeuvred over rough ground, up slopes or in to tight spaces by simply using the directional buttons on the handset. For best results, we recommend an inflatable jockey wheel be used in conjunction with this item. 

Although Go-Pods move easily on smooth flat surfaces like tarmac, the effort required increases as the surface deteriorates. Soft earth, long grass, troughs and inclines all increase resistance, with the worst surface being gravel, which will lock up the wheels of any trailer.

Click here for more information.


Customers based in New Zealand or Australia can order via our dedicated NZ website, www.Go-Pod.co.nz.

Your are required to bring your own rear number plate with you on the collection day.

Number plates can be purchased from most local motor factors. They'll require your driving license and V5C document in order to print a plate for you.

You will require one yellow, (rear), oblong number plate, made to the industry standard size of:

Metric - 520mm × 111mm 

Imperial - 20½" × 4⅜"

For further advice if required please call 01704 889973.


We're establishing an ever growing network of overseas dealers and distributors.

Visit www.Go-Pod.com/dealers to see our partner locations.

If we don't have a dealer/distributor in your country yet, you can order from us direct! Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

There's an excellent, independently moderated owners group on Facebook with over 500 members!

If you want to speak to real owners about their experiences, or already own a Go-Pod and would like to speak to likeminded people, look no further than Go-Pods Information #Podlife.

Click here to be redirected to Facebook.

At Go-Pods we don't use caravan dealerships like other manufactures but instead, we sell by word of mouth passing those savings along to the customer.

Over 100 Go-Pod owners worldwide have joined our Referrals Programme & volunteer viewings of their own Go-Pods. This saves new customers considerable travel time & provides the opportunity to speak with real, experienced owners. Customers benefit from both a convenient, local viewing option & an honest product review at the same time.

Uniquely, Go-Pods allow new customers to speak to existing customers, demonstrating the manufacturer's remarkable confidence in the brand. No other caravan companies dare to sell this way instead of through dealerships!

Click here to view the map of Go-Pod owners across the UK.


Go-Pods are plated at 750kg as standard, but this can be increased to 1,000kg if requested, giving an extra 250kg of payload.

Customers should only choose this option if their vehicles have a braked towing allowance of 1,000kg or more.

Click here to order a plate upgrade (new Go-Pod orders only).

Current Go-Pods are fitted with the Sargent EC155 power supply unit.

Find the manual on our downloads page - click here.

We usually hold a selection of pre-owned Go-Pods in stock. We carefully check and service our pre-owned Go-Pods, and unlike other dealers, we're specialists!

Order a pre-owned Go-Pod from us to avoid future dissappointment.


Click here to read a selection of our reviews.

You can also find our recent reviews on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/GoPods) and Google (search Red Lion Caravans).

If you own a Go-Pod and bought it from us either new or pre-owned, you are invited to join our Referrals & Rewards Programme

Over 100 owners nationwide & abroad already show their Go-Pods to new customers & earn rewards.

Click here for more information.


We exhibit at a number of national and regional caravan shows each year!

Click here to see a list of the events that we'll be attending in 2023.

We usually hold stock of both brand new & pre-owned Go-Pod models. The furniture and fabric colour combinations in these Go-Pods are preset and cannot be changed, but accessories can be added to customise the specification to suit your needs.

A £2,000.00 deposit secures your order and the remaining balance is payable on collection, or 5 working days prior to your delivery date (if you opt for delivery).


We don't have a distributor in the USA at present, but you can order directly from us for shipping to the closest US port.

There will be some remedial work required once it lands in the US, as Go-Pods are wired for 240v mains electricity. In the past, we have shipped Go-Pods to US customers without any wiring, so that they could have it installed at a local workshop ensuring that it matches the US codes.

If you'd like to enquire about shipping a Go-Pod to the USA, please send us an email at [email protected].


There are a few options available to view a Go-Pod.

  1. View with an owner - there are over 100 Go-Pod owners in the UK who allow prospective customers to view their own Go-Pods. This is a unique process and is testament to the build quality of the Go-Pods, as if there were any glaring issues - you'd hear about them from the owners!
  2. Online video tours - we offer online video tours via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp from our Head Office in Southport, Lancashire.
  3. Head office viewings - you're welcome to visit our showroom in Southport to view our demonstration model. We usually have a selection of pre-owned stock too!

Click here to book a viewing appointment.


All Go-Pods include a 12 month 'back to base' warranty as standard, but there is the option to upgrade to a 3 year national warranty. With the upgraded warranty, you can take your Go-Pod to any NCC approved workshop for repairs.

Many of the individual components also carry their own manufacturer warranties, such as the Dometic sink/hob unit, Dometic fridge and solar panel. User manuals including warranty information will be included with your Go-Pod.

Click here to visit our downloads page.

The grey water pipe is located on the underside of the Go-Pod, beneath the sink area. It is visible from the rear of the Pod, below the left hand side of the door.

Go-Pods are fitted with a Truma pump and connection socket. A water intake hose is supplied.

Watch our water connection video by clicking here.

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