Cycling is incredibly popular with caravan owners, and Go-Pods are no exception! Finding a nice campsite with good cycle paths nearby is an absolute must for a lot of people. Taking your bike away allows you to explore the local area without driving, experience the great outdoors and it’s good exercise to. What’s not to like?

Lots of Go-Pod owners transport their bikes inside the Go-Pod itself, as this saves attaching a bike rack to your car and also keeps them free of road dirt during transit. That way, you can hop on and go as soon as you’ve set up at the campsite!

Bikes can be anchored to the table leg using bungee cords or rope, and the backrest cushions can be used as a buffer to prevent damage to the furniture units

There’s enough space to carry 2 Go-Pods “top and tail” with the handlebars of one facing the front window, and the other facing towards the rear door.

Use your bike anywhere you go with your Go-Pod! Feel free to send us across photos & videos of your own set up to the following email address - [email protected]


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