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We buy all used Go-Pod caravans and usually pay the best price!

To receive a hassle-free quotation, please complete the following form and send a few images to the address shown below.

Once we have your information, we will be able to reply with a cash offer & get the process started for you.

On acceptance, payment would be immediately made to your specified bank after the drop off inspection has been completed.


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Please send your images to: [email protected]

Guidance Notes:

Please ensure that your description is as accurate as possible. For example, we sometimes see pre-owned Go-Pods with damage to the area inside below the vents, where water has been forcefully sprayed upwards through the vents during washing. This can show as anything from a slight swelling to peeling paint, in the area under the sliding vents. It generally means the inner wall panels need to be completely removed and replaced. Any undivulged issues such as these, would mean either a rejection of your Go-Pod on drop off or a re-negotiation of the amount offered when buying unseen. The shell should also be free from damage, the pop-top skirt in an uncompromised condition and with all internal appliances and features in full working order.

Thank you.