The contemporary micro tourers

Lockdown doesn't have to mean that everything is on hold...

You can still have your own private viewing of a Go-Pod via video chat, to get a 360 degree look around and close ups of the areas that you want to see. All from your home!

Free UK mainland delivery too.

Ask questions, judge the size of the living space too, while your sales person provides a one-to-one presentation. And if you do decide to order, we can even deliver so no need to leave home to collect. You won't even miss out on the hand over chat, as we have all the info you'll on bite-size video clips to watch at your leisure.

One of the safest, most isolated holiday options available!

Dont put the future on hold and miss out later.

Get away with a Go-Pod...

Go-Pods are the perfect blend between the fun of camping & the comfort or caravanning - in one compact, contemporary design.

They benefit from a true one piece shell and weigh just 750Kg so even small cars can tow them. 

Designed not to snake or wobble, Go-Pods are ideal for those who have never towed before and looking for an upgrade from camping without the cost of a secondary vehicle.

Easy to set up, easy to store and highly versatile - Go-Pods are all about convenience and with an extensive range of add-ons available, you can customise Go-Pods to suit your own style of camping.

To find out more and arrange a viewing - click here.

If you're ready to purchase a Go-Pod - click here.

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