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Go-Pods featured on BBC Top Gear

A Go-Pod has recently been put through it’s paces by BBC1’s Top Gear team, while towed by an electric car.

On the episode, (airing 8pm - Sunday 21 November 2021), it all gets pretty messy, as the guys camp out in a selection of small tourers.

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Get away with a Go-Pod...

Go-Pods are the perfect blend between the fun of camping & the comfort of caravanning - in one compact, contemporary design. Making them the popular camper van alternative.

They benefit from a true one piece shell and weigh under 750Kg so even small cars can tow them. 

Designed not to snake or wobble, Go-Pods are ideal for those who have never towed before and looking for an upgrade from camping without the cost of a secondary vehicle.

Easy to set up, easy to store and highly versatile - Go-Pods are all about convenience and with an extensive range of add-ons available, you can customise Go-Pods to suit your own style of camping.

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