Go-Pod Micro-Tourers

Contemporary 2-berth mini caravans made with a tough, one-piece GRP shell. No seams to leak, lightweight (540kg MiRO, 750kg MTPLM) & easy to tow. 

Click the interactive image below to learn more about the Go-Pods external features.

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Wondering if it has enough room inside?

Thanks to some very clever design, Go-Pods are surprisingly spacious with more useful living area than you’d expect! Far more than with teardrop caravans of a similar length.

While retaining true micro tourer dimensions, (which brings all the convenience of easy towing, easy storage & more), the Go-Pod still manages to deliver a 4 person seating & dining area, that converts to a luxury king size bed - in moments!

There’s an internal kitchen with dual gas hob, a sink and a fridge, while the pop-top allows plenty of headroom to stand while cooking & dressing indoors. Providing four season usability, with everything you need being located inside.

There’s plenty of cupboards & under-seat storage and even a camping toilet, and every Go-Pod is supplied with a full size awning for instant extra living space when needed.

Click on the interactive image to learn more about the adaptable, smart & cozy interior of a Go-Pod Micro-Tourer Caravan.

Learn more about the Go-Pods interior here.

Considering a camper van perhaps?

When planning the ultimate escape, many people like the appeal of a camper van and the iconic dream of jumping in, driving off and stopping anywhere. But can that be improved on? 

Benefits of Go-Pods vs. Camper Vans

  • Use of your car while you're away - you can easily head out for the day without having to pack everything away.
  • There’s often more living space, somewhere to stand, dress & cook while the bed is made up.
  • Avoid costs associated with an extra vehicle - maintenance, running costs, repairs, MOTs, road tax etc - the Go-Pod is easy to maintain and costs you nothing when not in use.
  • Use your existing car - with its MTPLM of 750kg most vehicles meet the criteria for towing a Go-Pod. More information here.
  • Most importantly, the price - new camper vans range from £40,000 to £60,000+ - nearly 3 times as much as a Go-Pod!
  • Being a motor vehicle, camper vans massively depreciate while Go-Pods are known for holding their value.

All in all, more convenience along with a substantial saving that releases your money, to spend & enjoy as you travel.

Learn more about the Go-Pods specifications here.

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