Charging the leisure battery

The Go-Pods include an 85Ah 12v leisure battery, stored safely beneath one of the seats. This battery powers the 12v circuit, used by the blown air heating system fan, 12v Dometic CRE50 compressor refrigerator, hob ignition and 12v & USB sockets.

There are a few different ways to charge the leisure battery:

Option 1 - Mains electricity (240v)

The fastest way by far is to connect your Go-Pod to mains electricity supply using a mains connection cable, as shown in the image below. These cables are generic and universal to all caravans, and we carry good stock in our on-site shop.

The standard connection can be used to plug in at campsites, or a 3-pin 240V adapter can be used to plug it in at home.

Default image

Mains connection cable

Default image

240v 3-pin adapter

If you’re charging from mains electricity at home, there’s no need to turn on the control panel - just plug the Go-Pod in and the leisure battery will begin charging.

Option 2 - Charging in transit

If you have a 13-pin tow electric connection installed on your car (we recommend this rather than 7-pin, as that will only power the driving lights) then your vehicles alternator will supply power to the onboard leisure battery, topping it up when in transit. 

You can also use this method to top the leisure battery up if staying off-grid without access to mains electricity. Be sure to run the engine though, as otherwise your cars battery may be depleted.

Option 3 - Solar panel

All Go-Pods come with a 100w solar panel installed on the pop-top roof as standard.*

This will trickle charge the leisure battery. The amount of charge generated depends on the amount of sunlight that the solar panel is exposed to.

Click here for a useful rundown of how much power you can expect to produce from a 100w solar panel.

Option 4 - External battery packs

There are now a number of external battery packs available on the market that are capable of powering leisure vehicles as if connected to mains electricity.

The Delta Eco Flo Mini is a particularly popular model with Go-Pod owners. Read this blog post from Go-Pod owner Paul Johnson, who used a battery pack to enable him to stay off-grid when touring around Europe in his capacity as a site assessor for Alan Rogers Travel Guides.


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