Control panel guide (Sargent)

The Sargent EC50 control panel is installed in Go-Pods manufactured from 2019/20 onwards.

It's simple and easy to use with only 5 buttons.

From top left:

Turns the power on/off.

Press this to select the onboard 85Ah 12v leisure battery as the power source. To be used when you are not connected to mains electricity.

Not relevant to the Go-Pods - this would be used to swap to the vehicle battery in a camper van or motorhome.

Press this to active the Truma water intake pump, used to supply water to the sink.

Press this to activate the lighting system - works on 12v or mains electricity.

The 5 LEDs on the right hand side of the control panel indicate the battery charge level. When the leisure vehicle battery button is pressed (2) these lights will illuminate to show the charge level of the onboard leisure battery.


When charging your Go-Pods 85Ah 12v leisure battery, none of the buttons on the control panel need to be pressed.

Just plug the cable into the mains electricity socket on the outside right hand side of the Go-Pod, and it will begin charging.

Likewise, when in transit power will be passed through the 13-pin tow electrics plug. You don't need to activate the control panel or press any buttons.


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