Quick start guide to using blown air heating in your Go-Pod

Go-Pods can be fitted with the dual-fuel (gas or 240v) Propex HS2000E space heater (2022 Pods onwards).

Able to run from either the onboard gas bottle or 240v mains electricity, this versatile heating system can be used whether on or off-grid, giving you true independence in all seasons.

Owners usually run it from the 240v mains connection when on a fully serviced campsite, but the option of running on gas makes it a popular option for those staying off-grid or on remote campsites without electricity. Coupled with the 100w solar panel and 12v Dometic CRE50 compressor refrigerator, you’ll have access to all of the Go-Pods key facilities wherever you may be staying.

The Go-Pods are incredibly well insulated and owners find that they only need to turn the heating on for 5-10 minutes max to reach the desired temperature, even during the winter months!

Consumption & economy (average)

Average gas consumption 142grams/hour (source - Propex)

Electrical consumption 1.6amps on 12V

Gas bottle


Flogas 4.5kg butane


Flogas 3.9kg propane


Campingaz R907


**Information correct as of May 2023**

**Video refers to Whale 2Kw space heating system - this has been superseded by the Propex HS2000E in Go-Pods from 2023 onwards. The operation of the unit is much the same, so the video content is still relevant.**


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