Owner Viewings

At Go-Pods we don't use caravan dealerships like other manufactures but instead, we sell by word of mouth passing those savings along to the customer.

On the map below are the locations of real customers who own Go-Pods and now offer to show their own Go-Pod to other interested parties.

Over 100 Go-Pod owners worldwide have joined our Referrals Programme & volunteer viewings of their own Go-Pods. This saves new customers considerable travel time & provides the opportunity to speak with real, experienced owners. Customers benefit from both a convenient, local viewing option & an honest product review at the same time.

Uniquely, Go-Pods allow new customers to speak to existing customers, demonstrating the manufacturer's remarkable confidence in the brand. No other caravan companies dare to sell this way instead of through dealerships!

To arrange a viewing:

• Please allow the Google Map below to load.

• Select the closest marker to you & click to reveal an instruction box.

• Email that owner direct to arrange a viewing. Please include a valid mobile phone number.

• After viewing, please direct all sales enquiries to: [email protected]

Important: Please contact only one owner & allow them time to respond before contacting another. For assistance with a booking please email - [email protected]

Please note: Map locations are NOT Go-Pods for sale. Markers indicate viewing locations only.

valid mobile phone number is required please, as this will be used to confirm your appointment and to contact you should there be unforeseen issues on the day.

If you do not receive a reply within 2 to 3 days, please contact another owner or [email protected] for assistance.

Although owners are not obligated to offer viewings, they are always very pleased to help where convenient.

Owner Viewing Checklist:

• Please do not attend your appointment if you have any symptoms of illness.

• Please ensure that all decision makers attend.

• Please check dimensions of any storage areas in advance.

• Review the model & Add-ons - please click here.

Owner viewings are reserved for people wishing to buy via Go-Pods.co.uk only. If you are considering a second hand purchase privately, please view with the private seller instead. Owner's Go-Pods are not for sale as selling is not permitted in accordance with the agreed terms of the viewing programme.

Thank you!