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About us

Red Lion Caravans Ltd are the sole UK importers of the GOING Go-Pods.

The main shell is produced in our experienced Portuguese plant and the furniture & fixtures are also fitted there before being brought by transporter to our UK head office in Lancashire.

In our UK workshops, expert fitters add many of the accessories to our customers own specifications.

Based in Southport, Lancashire and originally established over 40 years ago, Red Lion Caravans is one of the oldest & most established caravan retailers in the North West of England.

Our services include:

  • Caravan sales
  • Caravan servicing
  • Caravan repairs
  • Caravan accessories
  • Caravan spares
  • Calor gas sales
  • Powrtouch motor movers

Go-Pods is the internationally trademark registered name of the micro tourers sold on this website.

Business adresss:

Red Lion Caravan Centre Ltd

300 Southport Road




United Kingdom

The sales, marketing & pre-purchase enquires are handled by independent marketing company, Go Promotions Ltd in Bedfordshire.

Go Promotions is responsible for all sales related matters, order processing, websites, social media and more.

Managing Director Mr Phillip Palmer was a customer before taking on the role for Red Lion Caravans and still enjoys using his own Go-Pod as often as possible - and since retiring in 2023, he's had a lot more time to do so!

His son, Taylor Palmer ([email protected]) has since taken the reins and is now responsible for the day to day running of the company.

All sales enquiries should be directed to Go Promotions Ltd, the contact details for whom can be found on this website - click here.

General questions

There are a few ways to view a Go-Pod;

• At Red Lion Caravans in Lancashire. Our Head Office. Viewings are always by appointment. This is so that we can ensure you receive a full hour to look over the demo model without interruption.

• Online video tours - one of our salespeople would contact you via FaceTime, Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger to take you on a guided virtual tour of the Go-Pod - all from the safety & comfort of your own home!

• At any of our 80+ owner viewing locations. These are real customers who have bought & use Go-Pods themselves. They offer viewings to others as part of our Referrals & Rewards programme to save prospective customers travelling time and providing them an opportunity to speak to a real owner, rather than a sales person. After viewing, customers are invited to order online or by phone, as preferred.

We are the sole UK suppliers of Go-Pods, they are exclusive and are not available to buy elsewhere. For our viewing locations please click here.

We have an established network of dealers in mainland Europe and beyond. Please visit for more information.

We have a wide and diverse range of customers who are drawn to the Go-Pods for a number of reasons.

  • Many of our customers are upgrading from tent camping.

  • Lots of Go-Pod customers have downsized from larger, traditional touring caravans as they appreciate the convenience and ease of use in comparison. Being able to store the Go-Pod at home is a common factor in the decision of those customers.

  • Solo travellers who don't need the space of larger caravans.

  • Caravan enthusiasts in the 60 + age bracket, who find it harder to manage large caravans.

  • Those with vehicles with small engines that are unable to tow heavy caravans.

  • Professionals with limited spare time, who love the idea of being able to head off on adventures with short notice.

These are just a few, limited examples of our customers. The truth is that anyone of any age can benefit from a Go-Pod!

  • The one-piece GRP fibreglass shell has no seams or joins, unlike traditional caravans which are built with separate panels. This means that there is very little possibility of water ingress and damage.

  • The GRP fibreglass shell is extremely lightweight, providing greater fuel economy and allowing the Go-Pod to be towed with smaller cars.

  • The shape of the body is aerodynamic, so there is little wind resistance.

  • Go-Pods are small in size, so they are easy to store and fit inside of most standard garages.

  • They feature a seating area which can be converted to a double bed, saving space and allowing different configurations.

  • Many of the components are suitable for use without access to 230v electricity supply, so the Go-Pod can be used 'off-grid' - this can save money on pitches at campsites, and also allows the Go-Pod to reach locations that other caravans cannot.

  • There are multiple options for customisation, including 3 furniture colours, multiple fabric options and the ability to colour match the body to any RAL paint code.

  • Go-Pods are very easy to service and maintain, requiring far less annual maintenance than other caravans.

  • There is a thriving community of Go-Pod owners online, from a number of countries. This is an invaluable resource and owners are always happy to provide advice and assistance to each other.

They certainly can!

With around 1.5 - 2cm of insulation, the Go-Pods are incredibly effective at maintaining a constant temperature.

Dual-fuel blown air heating systems are available as an optional extra. They run on either gas or 240V mains electricity, meaning that they can be used on or off-grid.

Go-Pods will fit comfortably in most standard size garages, meaning they can be stored at home, saving money on storage fees.

At only 4.20m in length, they are roughly the size of a standard hatchback car, so some customers store them in residential parking spaces and underground garages.

Go-Pods are extremely versatile and can be used without access to mains (240v) electricity supply.

They include:

  • 12v, 85Ah leisure battery.

  • Dometic CRE50 compressor refrigerator (powered by the onboard leisure battery)

  • 2 burner gas hob.

Optional extras include:

All 2024 edition Go-Pods include a 3 year nationwide warranty, provided by The Motoring Organisation. This covers every aspect of the Go-Pods except consumable items.

2023 and earlier models had a standard 1 year "back to base" warranty meaning any warranty repairs or other work would be carried out at our premises in Southport, Lancashire.

Warranties are non-transferable for privately purchased second hand Go-Pods as they have not undergone our approved pre-owned manufacturers inspections.

To download a pdf copy of the 1 year back to base warranty please visit the downloads page.

Ordering a Go-Pod

To secure your order a non-refundable deposit of £2,000.00 is required.

Orders can be placed online, or via telephone by calling 0800 920 2093. If ordering online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the shop page and add your desired Go-Pod to the basket. We usually hold a number of brand new and pre-owned Go-Pod units in stock. The furniture and fabric combinations in these units cannot be changed. If you would like to select your own furniture and fabric colours, visit the "Order a bespoke Go-Pod" category. The average lead time for bespoke orders is around 6 weeks, but please contact us to confirm before ordering.
  2. Return to the shop page and select your desired accessory packs, or individual accessories - add them to the basket too
  3. Head to checkout

The deposit payment can be paid via credit or debit card through PayPal, or you can select 'Head Office Payment or Bank Transfer' to pay via credit/debit card over the telephone, or pay via bank transfer. We'll email our bank details to you, or you can find them on this FAQs page (see 'Bank details for UK payment by transfer').

For more information on how to order and which accessory packs may suit your needs, click here.

The balance payment is due on collection, or 7 working days prior to delivery.

Inspect your Go-Pod on the collection day to ensure that everything is perfect for you before making the final payment.

Balance payments can be paid via debit card or bank transfer.

Bank:           Barclays

Name:          Red Lion Caravan Centre Ltd

Account:      40464813

Sort:             20-51-01

Collection is from the following address:

Red Lion Caravan Centre

300 Southport Road



PR8 5LF.

Delivery is also available. Please click here to visit the delivery page for more information.

For information and tips on collecting your Go-Pod please click here.

We usually hold a number of brand new Go-Pods in stock with preset furniture & fabric finishes. If you would like to select your own custom furniture & fabric combination, visit the "Order a bespoke Go-Pod" shop category. Average lead time is 6 weeks for bespoke orders.

There are 4 interior furniture options and a wide range of fabric colours to choose from.


  • Canosa Pine (dark wood furniture units, white matte doors & stone effect worktops)
  • White Antique (high gloss cream furniture units & doors, oak effect worktops)
  • Azurite Blue (dark blue "silk effect" anti-fingerprint finish furniture units & doors, white gloss worktops)
  • Matte Grey (light grey "silk effect" anti-fingerprint finish furniture units & doors, light grey Andu Wood worktops)


There are now 4 fabric ranges to choose from. You can either choose 1 colour for seating, curtains & cushions, or mix and match 2 colours to create your own unique combination.

  • LISO fabric range (hard wearing, one-tone finish)
  • COLIBRI fabric range (hard wearing, two-tone finish)
  • TALISMA fabric range (suede effect finish, vibrant colours)
  • VILLAR fabric range (velvet/velour effect finish, vibrant colours)

Click here to view the full range of furniture & fabric colour options.

The GRP fibreglass shell can also be matched to any RAL code by purchasing the "Coloured GRP shell" add-on, or the Venus aesthetic upgrade package.

Collection and delivery

Collection is from the following address:

Red Lion Caravan Centre

300 Southport Road



PR8 5LF.

Delivery is also available. Please click here to visit the delivery page for more information.

For information and tips on collecting your Go-Pod please click here.

You'll need to bring a spare number plate with you to affix to the Go-Pod on your collection day.

They can be printed at any local motor factors for a modest fee. The motor factor will require your V5C document and driving license.

You will require one yellow (rear) oblong number plate, made to the industry standard size of:

520mm × 111mm

We do! We charge £2.00/mile, one way, for home delivery.

Click here for more information.

We use an external delivery partner in the UK, and their drivers are not trained to provide Go-Pod handovers.

If you opt for delivery, please watch the videos on our Video Walkthrough page to familiarise yourself with the features and operation of the Go-Pod prior to its arrival.

If you'd like to CRiS register your Go-Pod this should be done directly with the scheme. Please contact their website at to buy your registration pack. 

They will require the following information;

• Your chassis number.

This is the long number found on the ID plate that's located on the square draw bar, at the front of your caravan.

• The make is GOING

• The model is GO-POD

• Please ensure you state that the Go-Pod is an IMPORT.

Our factory is located in Portugal and as such, their registration system classes Go-Pods as imported caravans.

We have a longstanding partnership with CaravanGuard, one of the UKs leading caravan insurance providers. They offer free 14-day towaway insurance to all Go-Pod customers, with a no obligation quotation.

It is always advisable to shop around for the best deal, as costs can vary widely by insurer, location etc.

Technical questions

The Go-Pods are relatively unique caravans, as they have a one-piece GRP fibreglass shell with no seams or joins. This prevents water ingress and extends the longevity of the caravan.

Our patented shell design is produced by a fibreglass manufacturer using a mould. Fibreglass is poured into the mould and allowed to set. Paint can be mixed with the fibreglass before it is poured into the mould, to produce a custom coloured shell that can be matched to any RAL paint code.

We build the body of the Go-Pods at our factory, using an AL-KO galvanised steel chassis as the base. We then place the shell onto the chassis, and begin fitting the interior of the Go-Pod.

The frame is constructed with wood (which helps to keep the weight down) and the cavities are filled with medium density polystyrene insulation blocks. This helps to retain heat in the colder months, and keep the Go-Pod cool during the summer months. White lacquered MDF wall panels are then placed over the frame and insulation.

The floor (and under-floor) is made from marine-grade plywood, which is water resistant and helps to prevent against water ingress from road water. It is securely sealed around the edges using high quality caravan sealant.

Interior furniture units are made from strong plywood, available in 3 finishes. The seating fabric and curtains are available in a wide range of colours.

Go-Pods are light enough to be towed by many of today’s small engine cars.

Go-Pods have brakes on the wheels too, so look for the ‘Braked Towing Capacity’ on your V5 Document and as long as it exceeds 750Kg, you can legally tow.

For more information, please click here.

You need a standard 50mm diameter tow ball and 13 pin Euro socket electrics.

This socket will accept the Go-Pods 13 pin plug which works the towing lights, charges the caravan's on-board battery and powers the fridge in transit.

If your tow vehicle has twin electrics you can buy an adaptor to convert the leads. If you have only 7 pin electrics on your car, you can still tow with an adaptor but it will only operate the driving lights & won't power anything else.

You do not require an AL-KO branded tow bar and non branded tow bars are fine to fit.

The Law requires that drivers of the towing vehicles have adequate view to the rear. With the Go-Pod, most vehicles existing side mirrors allow for a good view along the entire side of the caravan and extension mirrors are not therefore required. 

The standard tyre size for all Go-Pods (including those with an upgraded chassis rating of 1000 kg) is 175/70 R13 86N.

A suitable alternative for Go-Pods with a chassis rating of 750 kg is 175/70 R13 82T.

Tyre pressure

Go-Pod trailer wheels are 35 psi.

Wheel nut torque

The wheel nut torque is 65lbs for standard wheels and 95lbs for alloys.

Inflatable jockey wheel pressures vary by manufacturer, so please refer to the recommended psi that is displayed on the tyre's wall.

Alloy wheels

You can buy alloy wheels from our shop - click here.

If you prefer to fit your own, Go-Pods wheels are 4 ½ J x 13 H2 ET30.

Click here for a useful explanation by and check out the Blog page too  - click here.

In 2023 Calor Gas discontinued the 3.9kg propane bottle that was an industry standard for most small caravans, teardrops and trailers, including the Go-Pods.

There are 4 suitable alternatives from other suppliers available on the UK market. Click here for a comparison.

Any NCC approved workshop will be able to service your Go-Pod, but we do recommend that you bring it back to us as we're the only dealer with specialist knowlege of the Go-Pods in the UK.

Your chassis number can be found on a stamped plate that's riveted to the square draw bar at the front of your Go-Pod. The longest number on the plate is your chassis number. This will be required when insuring your Go-Pod.


MiRO stands for Mass iRunning Order.

It's sometimes referred to as the 'factory weight' of a caravan or trailer.

This is the unladen weight of a caravan/trailer without any personal effects, additional equipment or people inside.

MTPLM stands for Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass.

This is the total weight (set by the manufacturer) that a caravan/trailer cannot exceed when fully laden.

The MTPLM is sometimes referred to as the MAM, or Maximum Authorised Mass.

To ascertain whether your vehicle can tow a caravan, you should compare the MTPLM figure to your vehicles 'braked towing allowance', which can be found in the registration documents or vehicle manual.

If the 'braked towing allowance' matches or exceeds the MTPLM of the caravan, you can legally tow it.

The payload of a caravan/trailer is quite simply the available weight for personal effects and supplies.

You can find the payload of a caravan or trailer by subtracting the MiRO (Mass in Running Order) from the MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass).

The Unladen Weight of a vehicle is the total weight of a vehicle (usually pickup or van) without any load, including personal effects, occupants and even fuel.

GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight, sometimes referred to as Permissible Maximum Weight) is the maximum permitted total weight of a vehicle, when fully laden.

GTW stands for 'Gross Train Weight'.

It is founded by adding the Maximum Authorised Mass of a vehicle (the largest amount that a vehicle can weigh including passengers, fuel and load) to the MTPLM of a caravan or trailer.

This figure is important for those attempting to ascertain whether they can legally tow on a category B driving license.

Nose weight is the weight or downward force from the caravan's hitch to the tow car's tow ball.

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