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Thinking of adding alloys to your Go-Pod caravan?

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We get asked a lot if it's possible to change the standard wheels to alloys. We don't currently offer alloys within our accessories but for those wanting to buy their own, here are the specs you need to know.

Go-Pod wheels are: 4 ½ J x 13 H2 ET30.

The “4 ½ J x 13” part of that is the size of the wheel rim - in this case it has a depth of 4 ½ inches and a diameter of 13 inches. The "J" represents the shape of the tyre bead profile (you don’t need to worry about this). The "H2" means that this wheel rim is designed to take "H" speed-rated tyres. The "ET30" figure shows that these wheels have a positive offset of 30mm.

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