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Getting Extra Cosy!

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Have you considered heating your Go-Pod by the way?

Go-Pod owners find that adding heating is actually very cost effective. It allows you to extend your season and as such, the use you can make from your caravan investment.

Most campsites are open all year and as long as you’re  able to keep warm, you can take advantage of the milder winters, less crowded sites and lower pitch fees.

The heaters, (along with the Go-Pods excellent insulation), ensure you’ll be snug and allow to get away, all year round!

Go ahead and treat yourself... one night you'll be very glad you did!

Blown Air 240V Gas



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  1. Phill

    No special levelling required Cynthia.

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  2. Cynthia Legge

    Ideal for all-year-round caravanning! Blown Air Heating sounds a real luxury, and means you can visit basic sites without EHU, and use your gas bottle. I wonder whether the 'van has to be levelled perfectly before the heating system works on gas?

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