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  1. Happy customers! The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod.

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    The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod - Going Go-Pod!

    With lots of our customers having being stuck inside due to the lockdown, it's been amazing to see so many posts about summer holidays and trips away in Go-Pods since the recent lift!

    None in our mind have been better so far than the following amazing post, from one of our favourite Go-Pods - the Chilli Pod!

    The owners of the Chilli Pod run a great page on Facebook - we suggest anyone enthusiastic about pods should give them a follow! 

    Here's the post below:

    "After being confined to our home and garden for what seems like forever, it has been fabulous to get out and about again in the Pod. We've had two very relaxing trips away now. One whole week of peace and quiet at Overwater Marina and a few nights at The Shady Oak Caravan Park. Both are very small sites and that really does help the feeling of relaxation, space and being away from it all.

    We have been largely self sufficient by taking our own facilities tent with loo and camping shower and only using facilities if absolutely necessary. We have done washing up at our Pod and have taken as many food supplies with us as possible. This does give you a feeling of safety whilst being away from home but outside in the fresh air.

    I feel the Pod has helped us to get out and about and start living life again. Who knows how long this virus will be about for? The situation starts to make you feel pretty depressed so the Pod has been a lifesaver. I wasn't sure how I would feel getting out and about again but the Pod has allowed me to do things "carefully" little by little whilst enjoying the countryside and the feeling of freedom.

    I have had social distancing conversations with people and so has Mr CP. As Mr CP has worked throughout all this, since March, it has been lovely for him to have a rest and recharge his batteries. We have been for walks as we would normally do when Podding away places. We have avoided anywhere crowded and have managed to get back to a bit of normality by collecting chips for our last meal at Overwater Marina and we were able to enjoy the beer garden at The Shady Oak too. We also got takeout coffee from the cafe at Overwater Marina and it is just small things like this that have helped us to feel a bit less insular.

    We have ensured that we take antibacterial wipes with us and hand gel. We have washed and washed our hands whenever we have had to use any facilities and, so far so good.

    The amount of caravanners in big caravans who tell us they use their own facilities but whom we saw every morning walking to the facilities with their washbags has been an eye opener. So many times, people have told us that they have a shower and loo in the van so they use them but, so far, we've not seen any evidence of this self containment. Therefore, having those facilities on board would seem to be a waste of time and money in my opinion. On the other hand, one caravanner told me that he wouldn't ever use his shower and loo because it was the best way to get damp in your caravan. Bizarre really.

    We'll stick to our Pod. It works for us ".

    Chilli Pod Go Pod Photo of Awning and Small Caravan

    You can find them on Facebook via @ChilliPod

    As you can see; Go-Pods really are a great way to get about travelling - especially when needing to social distance! With its small size making it very easy to tow and park, even those who aren't confident in towing can be sure that they will find it a breeze.

    If you have any questions, feel free to check our FAQ page or contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

    #GoPod #GoPods #Go-Pods #Caravan #Camping #TentAlternative #SmallCaravan #MiniCaravan

  2. Featured Add-On - the Fiamma Water Caddy Set.

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    Customer Cathie recently purchased  the Fiamma Water Caddy set for her new Go-Pod, (a popular choice with Go-Pod owners), and sent us the following message:

    “I bought the Fiamma fresh & waste water tanks for use on my Go-Pod. Thought it might help with being more independent. However, cannot find any videos explaining how to use. Can you help? Thank you, Cathie.”

    Water : Waste Caddy set - Go-Pods Owners Reward

    Here’s our response:

    Hi Cathie,

    Thanks for your message.

    We don’t have a video on that particular accessory but I have suggested it to our guys at HO so we hope to have one soon.

    The set suits the Go-Pod very well and consists of two wheeled water containers - one blue, the other grey, for indentification.

    The BLUE container is intended for the water you use for the sink. You can fill it at home and take it with you or most people wheel it to the drinking water tap on the campsite and fill it there, so you don’t have to tow with the extra weight. 

    The blue tube that is supplied with your Go-Pod, (see ‘Water Supply’ video on the website’s video demo page), then drops in to the reservoir and is pumped through to the sink when you turn on the tap inside. 

    The pump should always be submerged, (so as not to run it dry), and the tap power switch on the control panel above the fridge, should be set to ‘ON’ too.

    Outside, in the area beneath the sink, you’ll find a drain pipe. The waste water from the sink exits here and this should be collected in the GREY container. Once full, wheel this to the campsite’s ‘grey water point’ for emptying.

    Waste water pipe - www.Go-Pods.co.uk

    Many people also like to take a supply of bottled drinking water for teeth cleaning, drinks, cooking etc and 2L bottles happen to store very nicely in the cupboard below the fridge. They usually stay quite cool there too!

  3. July 4th - the return of camping!

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    @GoPodsCaravans 2

    The key's steadily turning, bringing forth the country-wide unlock - are you ready yet?

    With the recent news that the national lockdown will be lifted on July 4th, many people are welling with excitement - whether it be to travel, shop or simply go to the local pub for a pint, almost everyone is ready to get their lives back to normal again!

    So, what does this mean for us camping / caravanning enthusiasts?

    To start with you can be sure that everywhere is going to be very, very busy and business across the board will likely be booming. For this reason it's quite important to start securing your pitches now, before the prices increasing once the lockdown has been fully lifted. Even now, prices are going up day by day as more people realise this and rush to get booked in!

    Secondly, it's probable that most people will be searching for campsites that are employing strict social distancing rules and systems - for the sake of hygiene safety and feeling protected to a good degree whilst holidaying. So get ahead while you can and find a campsite that's right for you, and suits your needs - not everyone will feel as confident being out and about for the first time in months as others may be, so it's important that we take this into consideration too.

    Go Pod Safety Sign

    It's quite likely you'll be seeing signs like the above a lot this year!

    The great thing about Go Pods is that they are very self contained, and can be used with ease off-grid / hook up. That can be really beneficial for those who are still planning to socially distance this summer. There are many add-ons / upgrades that make the Go-Pod even better to use off-grid and we have a large number of customers who opt to not use campsites altogether, and prefer to go wild camping where the law permits it.  You can find our add-ons shop here.

    We actually have a whole range of pre-loved Go Pods that are spotless and ready to go this summer, so you don't even have to wait! You can find a list of the availabe ones here.

    Alps Go-Pod

    Finally, you will want to make sure you're properly prepared for both hygiene and the possible extreme heat that's been forecasted for this summer. Try to get stocked up on all hygiene products before going as it's likely that these could still be sold out in shops in any popular areas that you may be visiting. Take plenty of water, hats and high factor sun cream - don't get caught out by the sun! 

    We now offer Go-Pod portable shower bundles, which give you the option of having your own personal shower - so you can avoid using campsite facilities if you prefer this. You can get them ahead of time, from our shop here.

    Go Pod Shower Bundle

    With that being said, all of us here at Go-Pods wish you happy, safe and cheap holidays this summer! We can imagine that the overall vibe should be really positive going ahead and it would be great see photos of any of your travels.

    You can submit any photos the following email address: [email protected] - please use the subject title 'Go-Pods Summer Photos' followed by your name!

    If you'd prefer for images not to be re-used on the Page, website or in other ways, please indicate at time of posting. We otherwise assume your images are supplied Copyright-free

  4. How will the COVID-19 lockdown effect camping & caravanning once lifted?

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    How might the lockdown effect camping & caravanning once lifted?

    With COVID-19 sweeping across the world and affecting many of us who would usually be away on camping trips right now, the question begged to be asked is - how will this all effect camping & caravanning once the lockdown is lifted?

    We can be sure that once the coronavirus lockdown is lifted, many will be keen to go on camping trips, even those who would usually otherwise have gone abroad! Flights and overseas destinations are probably still going to be considered risky for a good while that's for sure.

     Go-Pod 2 Berth Micro Tourer Caravan - Camping by a lake, once coronavirus l

    Image courtesy of Go-Pod owners Mike & Sue Beach. 

    Camping / caravanning in turn could be seen as the perfect alternative to international holidays and also as a great way to incorporate a little social distancing while still getting out and about. 

    Actually if you do happen to have a cough show up - you could even turn your Pod into a portable quarantine station - somebody contact the NHS – Go-Pod caravans may be need rebranding!  

    Having this in mind, most campers are likely wondering whether or not they should be pre-booking pitches ready for summer? Many campers agree that once we have clear guidelines on when restrictions will be lifted, then it would be a great time to place a booking. But why wait? Pitches could suddenly be in short demand so consider booking now, on the proviso that you can cancel with refund or move dates if necessary.

    Due to uncertainty as to when the Coronavirus pandemic will subside – many campsites are happy to take bookings on a free cancellation basis but make sure you check with them at the time you book, if a deposit is requested.

    Weather-proofing your holiday plans can be the difference between good times or disaster and the Go-Pod sees a lot of people moving up from tent camping for a luxury & comfort upgrade. Whatever the British weather throws your way you’ll be snug, warm and dry in your Go-Pod and when it’s time to move, there’s no drying out worry about. Pure freedom and convenience.

    Luckily, the compact 2 berth micro-tourer caravan Go-Pod can be equipped with off hook up facilities like a solar panel, which means finding space at campsites is often easier, as even if all the electric pitches are gone, (and they tend to get booked up first), you'll be self sufficeint & can often happily take a ‘green pitch’ instead. Saves money too!

    Scottish visits are likely to be popular and you don't necessarily even need a campsite! As long as you're equipped with the right gear, then you can really push social distancing to the next level by finding a remote spot in the countryside to ‘wild camp’ in. A quarantiner’s dream of course! As Go-Pods are the ultimate road trip option, so once you've finished exploring that area, you can simply wind up the rear stabiliser legs & move on to the next adventure - just be sure to wash your hands first!

    There will be more info on camping off hook up in our next blog post by the way.

     Go-Pod 2 Berth Micro Tourer Caravan - Caravanning on the go!

    Image courtesy of Go-Pod owners Mr & Mrs Goldie. Glencoe, Scotland.

    If you're interested in some accessories that will make it easier for you to set up your Go-Pod 2 Berth Micro-Tourer Caravan out on the go, then please kindly visit our shop page. where you can find many great camping / caravanning accessories. 

  5. Jockey Wheel Advice

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    It’s important to secure your jockey wheel properly while using your Go-Pod and here are a few tips on how to overcome some common issues.

    On this example shown, the bracket has been clamped up too low down on the jockey wheel. It should be clamped around the larger diameter top part.

    However, it is also possible to tighten the jockey wheel clamp on the larger diameter tube but still have it looking crooked like this.

    The arrow labelled '1' in the photo below shows where the clamp should be ideally.

    To correct any issues like this, we suggest supporting the front end of the Go-Pods hitch using something that is substantial enough to take its weight. A axle stand, block of wood or bricks maybe. Take suitable care with this and ensure the handbrake is applied.

    With the support in place wind the jockey wheel up, so that the whole weight of the Go-Pod now rests on the support you prepared, thus raising the jockey wheel up in to the air.

    If the smaller diameter tube is over extended, continue winding until most of it is inside of the larger diameter outer tubing.

    Once the jockey wheel is off the ground you can release the clamp lock, (number 4 on the photo), taking care not to drop it on to your toes! 

    You can then ensure the larger diameter tube is correctly positioned in the clamp. 

    TIP! Wiggle the jockey wheel as you re-tighten the clamp lock, to ensure it is straight & properly seated in the clamp. Clamping it up wonky is a common issue as is failing to tighten the clamp suffeciently - as they can begin to work loose unless if they're not properly tightened.

    With the jockey wheel adjusted and the clamp tight, wind the handle, (3), again so that the wheel touches the floor and jacks your Go-Pod up, off of the support. You can now remove the support.

    A jockey wheel that is clamped crooked, will often jump straight suddenly, (as you move around inside), and will result in the clamp becoming loose. This can cause the front of the Go-Pod to drop without warning and although alarming, this is not normally detrimental.

    If this does happen, just re-set your jockey wheel is the way described above. Jockey wheels are seldom faulty and the majority of issues are user related.

    Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 14.41.16

    If in doubt, please contact the After Sales Department on 01704 889973.

  6. The Go-Pod Khyam Awning - Set Up Advice.

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    NB: This item is currently unavailable.

    We had this recent request for help with the awning and thought it might be useful to share it and the reply:

    "I would like some advice on the best way to fit the awning to my Go-Pod please. Any tips would be gratefully received!"

    Most owners take the awning's two front guy ropes and tie them forward to the Pods' front grab handles, as shown in the photo below. Ensure both ropes are the same length and tie them off so that the fabric of the awning stays just shy of the Go-Pods pop top opening. That way the awning won't foul the pop top if you need to close it in bad weather. The ropes should lie along the top surface of the Go-Pod and not be diagonally crossed.

    Some people use simple 'S-hooks', (as shown below), to fix to the handles, so that it’s quicker and so the guy ropes are always the same length, every time. Others mark the guy ropes so ther is a visual indicator of where to tie them off.

    1. Errect the awning so that it's a free standing structure & ensure it looks aligned straight from the rear of the Pod.

    2. Affix the front ropes to the grab handles as explained above & shown below.

    3. Peg down only the open ends of the elasticated tunnel section, placing the pegs well underneath the Go-Pod itself - near by the stabiliser legs - on both sides. This will secure the bottom part and keep the elastic sides nice and tight.

    4. Walk the whole awning structure backwards, away from the Go-Pod until the tunnel goes nice and tight. Ensure that the whole structure stays as straight and as squarely aligned as possible.

    5. Peg the whole thing down.

    TIP: Taking the two rear guy ropes from the very back of the awning, peg them down tightly in a backwards direction, away from the Go-Pod. So in other words, directly backwards in a straight line. This has the affect of further tightening the tunnel section.

    [Do not peg down the whole awning first and move the Go-Pod towards it! I have heard this suggested and it's a certain recipe for disaster!] 

    We recommend that the doors and the inner divider of the awning be zipped shut before peg down the awning's legs. This will ensure you'll be able to unzip them easily after pegging. Stand back and check if it looks right before proceeding to peg it down further and adjust if necessary.

    Pegs are provided with the awning but it's a good idea to take some extra, metal hardstand pegs and a decent club hammer. Those are the pegs that are like 6” nails & work in every scenario.

    Watch that the webbing straps between the awning's legs aren't wrapped around the feet and that they are as taut as possible when you peg it.

    Its normal for it be a little different each time, due to the lay of the land and so on but with some care & practice, you'll find its a really great awning, even in pretty strong winds! 

    Awning tie 2

    Awning tie 1

    Additional info: 

    Some people add a strip of awning bead to the top of the tunnel end, instead of using the forward guy ropes method. Having tested both ways, we feel that neither has any major advantages and that this is a matter of personal preference. Stitching a bead in place is best done with an industrial sewing machine, while stretching the elasticated section out flat.

    We did work with Khyam one season to produce a special Go-Pod version of the awing which had awning bead attached and the Go-Pod logo. However, as the production quantities we were able to order were relatively low, this was dropped when the item became outpriced. The regular Khyam awning supplied now is offered at the same RRP as the manufacturers and is included within the PLUS and Platinum models.


  7. Go-Pod Dimensions

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    Measurements for pre-2019 Go-Pods follows - please review the important footnotes.

    2018 Models

    External Dimensions:

    Length - 4.20m including 0.99m hitch & bar.
    Width - 1.85m
    Height - 2.05m roof down. Raising pop top adds 30cm.
    *Note regarding garage storage  Recommended minimum clearance - 210cm.
    MiRO - 490Kg (Actual Mass = 575Kg) Based on Standard model.
    Brakes - AL-KO Braking System.
    MTPLM - 750Kg / 1000Kg
    Nose Weight - 49Kg (54Kg with front box & gas bottle plumbed) 
    Ground Clearance. - 183mm NB: Lowest point is the removable spare wheel.

    Internal Dimensions:

    Standing height - 1.84m
    Floor - full length - 2.05m
    Floor - width - 0.62m
    Floor - bed end of aisle to door   - 1.00m
    Bed - length - 1.95m
    Bed - width as double - 1.57m
    Bed - width as single - 0.53m
    Door - width - 0.60m
    Door - height - 1.58m



    Dimensions: Pre-2018 Models

    External Dimensions:

    Length - 4.20m including 0.99m hitch & bar.
    Width - 1.85m
    Height - 2.05m roof down. Raising pop top adds 30cm.
    *Note regarding garage storage  Recommended minimum clearance - 210cm.
    MiRO - Varies with model & each unit's spec.
    Brakes - AL-KO Braking System.
    MTPLM - 750Kg
    Nose Weight - 49Kg (54Kg with front box & gas bottle plumbed) 
    Ground Clearance. - 183mm NB: Lowest point is the removable spare wheel.

    Internal Dimensions:

    Standing height - 1.84m
    Floor - full length - 2.05m
    Floor - width - 0.62m
    Floor - bed end of aisle to door   - 1.00m
    Bed - length - 1.95m
    Bed - width as double - 1.57m
    Bed - width as single - 0.53m
    Door - width - 0.60m
    Door - height - 1.58m


    More information and specs on current models can be found on each model's page at: www.2berthcaravan.co.uk

    Measurements and weights shown are intended as a guide and may vary, be approximated or estimated where necessary.

    Due to the manufacturing process, each Go-Pod may have some variation in it's dimensions and therefore the sizes & weights shown are approximated. This is due to variation between moulds and the thickness of the GRP applied.

    We therefore recommend that adequate tolerance is allowed if your storage area is limited.

    These measurements superceed all previously published specs.