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  1. Living inside of a small caravan, full-time. Is it possible?

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    Is living full-time inside of a small caravan possible?

    We sometimes hear of people who do and actually cope very well! And recently, this has been put to the test in one of the worlds toughest & hottest environments - Australia!


    Go-Pod owner Gary has made the compact living quarters of his Go-Pod his real, full-time home for some months, due mainly to lockdowns and travel restrictions. It allows him to stay close to his aircraft hangar which ensures that he can do what he loves the most, everyday - flying.


    Gary says; “I am still very much enjoying the Go-Pod. In fact, for the past six months I’ve been living in it more or less full time!  Due to various lengthy Covid travel restrictions in Australia, I decided to lock myself down near to where I hangar my little ultralight aircraft so that I could at least continue to fly during periods when I couldn’t do much else.  Luckily I was able to hook up to power at the hangar and use the bathroom there, so it’s all worked out very well.” 


    Other Go-Pod owners undertake extensive tours, enjoying the hassle-free towing advantages & many on-board facilities to find that it really isn’t that different from being at home!


    After complying with local towing regulations, Gary says that the Go-Pod was by far the best choice in terms of value, size, build quality & usability - even after any shipping half way across the world. 


    Find out more about the Go-Pod Micro-Tourer Caravans great adaptability here. 

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