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  1. Living inside of a small caravan, full-time. Is it possible?

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    Is living full-time inside of a small caravan possible?

    We sometimes hear of people who do and actually cope very well! And recently, this has been put to the test in one of the worlds toughest & hottest environments - Australia!


    Go-Pod owner Gary has made the compact living quarters of his Go-Pod his real, full-time home for some months, due mainly to lockdowns and travel restrictions. It allows him to stay close to his aircraft hangar which ensures that he can do what he loves the most, everyday - flying.


    Gary says; “I am still very much enjoying the Go-Pod. In fact, for the past six months I’ve been living in it more or less full time!  Due to various lengthy Covid travel restrictions in Australia, I decided to lock myself down near to where I hangar my little ultralight aircraft so that I could at least continue to fly during periods when I couldn’t do much else.  Luckily I was able to hook up to power at the hangar and use the bathroom there, so it’s all worked out very well.” 


    Other Go-Pod owners undertake extensive tours, enjoying the hassle-free towing advantages & many on-board facilities to find that it really isn’t that different from being at home!


    After complying with local towing regulations, Gary says that the Go-Pod was by far the best choice in terms of value, size, build quality & usability - even after any shipping half way across the world. 


    Find out more about the Go-Pod Micro-Tourer Caravans great adaptability here. 

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  2. Happy customers! The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod.

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    The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod - Going Go-Pod!

    With lots of our customers having being stuck inside due to the lockdown, it's been amazing to see so many posts about summer holidays and trips away in Go-Pods since the recent lift!

    None in our mind have been better so far than the following amazing post, from one of our favourite Go-Pods - the Chilli Pod!

    The owners of the Chilli Pod run a great page on Facebook - we suggest anyone enthusiastic about pods should give them a follow! 

    Here's the post below:

    "After being confined to our home and garden for what seems like forever, it has been fabulous to get out and about again in the Pod. We've had two very relaxing trips away now. One whole week of peace and quiet at Overwater Marina and a few nights at The Shady Oak Caravan Park. Both are very small sites and that really does help the feeling of relaxation, space and being away from it all.

    We have been largely self sufficient by taking our own facilities tent with loo and camping shower and only using facilities if absolutely necessary. We have done washing up at our Pod and have taken as many food supplies with us as possible. This does give you a feeling of safety whilst being away from home but outside in the fresh air.

    I feel the Pod has helped us to get out and about and start living life again. Who knows how long this virus will be about for? The situation starts to make you feel pretty depressed so the Pod has been a lifesaver. I wasn't sure how I would feel getting out and about again but the Pod has allowed me to do things "carefully" little by little whilst enjoying the countryside and the feeling of freedom.

    I have had social distancing conversations with people and so has Mr CP. As Mr CP has worked throughout all this, since March, it has been lovely for him to have a rest and recharge his batteries. We have been for walks as we would normally do when Podding away places. We have avoided anywhere crowded and have managed to get back to a bit of normality by collecting chips for our last meal at Overwater Marina and we were able to enjoy the beer garden at The Shady Oak too. We also got takeout coffee from the cafe at Overwater Marina and it is just small things like this that have helped us to feel a bit less insular.

    We have ensured that we take antibacterial wipes with us and hand gel. We have washed and washed our hands whenever we have had to use any facilities and, so far so good.

    The amount of caravanners in big caravans who tell us they use their own facilities but whom we saw every morning walking to the facilities with their washbags has been an eye opener. So many times, people have told us that they have a shower and loo in the van so they use them but, so far, we've not seen any evidence of this self containment. Therefore, having those facilities on board would seem to be a waste of time and money in my opinion. On the other hand, one caravanner told me that he wouldn't ever use his shower and loo because it was the best way to get damp in your caravan. Bizarre really.

    We'll stick to our Pod. It works for us ".

    Chilli Pod Go Pod Photo of Awning and Small Caravan

    You can find them on Facebook via @ChilliPod

    As you can see; Go-Pods really are a great way to get about travelling - especially when needing to social distance! With its small size making it very easy to tow and park, even those who aren't confident in towing can be sure that they will find it a breeze.

    If you have any questions, feel free to check our FAQ page or contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

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  3. Featured Owners - Suzanne, Ian, Jorge & The Chilli Pod!

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    'Featured Owners' is our new series of blog posts where we interview Go-Pod owners to find out what they've been up to and how they use their Pods, as well as their top tips for new podders.


    Our first featured owners need no introduction really - they run a vibrant, helpful & active Go-Pods community on Facebook and are considered 'Pod Royalty' around these parts. It's Suzanne, Ian, Jorge & the Chilli Pod from the Greater Manchester area! Read on below for our interview with them.


    Your name & Pod nickname (if you have one)

    Mr & Mrs Chilli Pod (Suzanne & Ian) - The Chilli Pod


    When did you purchase your Go-Pod, and which model?

    We bought a Platinum model Go-Pod back in 2017.


    Tell us a little bit about yourself - do you have any unique interests or hobbies?

    Motorcycling, gardening, photography, walking, outdoors stuff - and of course, running the Go-Pod Information #Podlife group on Facebook!


    Why did you choose a Go-Pod, and what else were you considering?

    They’re small, so easy to tow and funky looking. We considered a trailer for our tent, a camper van, a trailer tent and a bigger caravan. We always used to camp and have owned a static caravan in the past.


    How do you use your Go-Pod? (Holidays, festivals, home office etc.) Also, do you travel alone or with somebody else?

    Mr Chilli Pod and I enjoy weekends away, main holidays and festivals in our Pod. A bit of everything really!


    How often do you get away in your Pod?

    10 + times a year (whenever I get the chance!)


    What is your favourite Pod accessory?

    The solar panel has been a Godsend for keeping the battery topped up as our Pod is kept in storage. The best fun accessory has to be the new funky graphic side panels. To be honest, all the accessories we have bought (and we bought a lot) have been invaluable. The exterior gas socket is great and so is the dual fuel heating and and ..... all of them. 


    What sets Go-Pod owners apart from the rest?

    No two Podders are the same. They all love things that are a bit different and they are all a bit different themselves. Everyone I've met with a Pod has a great sense of humour and enjoys life to the maximum.


    Favourite Pod-related story (doesn't need to have happened inside the Pod, could be whilst you were away on holiday etc)

    We were at a festival and the gas jet went out on the cooker. Nightmare! I tried to relight it but nothing. I figured that the gas bottle must have run out. We were at Uttoxeter racecourse and there is a caravan and motorhome club site next door, so I rang up to see if they had the same gas bottle to swap it out - and they did. Mr CP disconnected the gas bottle and took it to the site office. When he got there, they checked it and there was still gas in it, so he had to walk all the way back with it! He connected it up again and I turned the jet on and it lit straight away. It must have been an airlock. Doh! It was a hot day too. Poor Mr CP.


    Top tips for new Podders - what do you wish someone had told you?

    If you push the window right open and then pull it back towards you and stop, It will open to the amount you want. I had the Pod for two years before someone told me this. I thought you could only have the window open a little bit.


    Want to find out more about the Go-Pod Information #Podlife group, or interested in the Chilli Pods adventures?

    Go-Pod Information #Podlife group on Facebook

    The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod Blog on Facebook

    The Chilli Pod - Suzanne, Ian & Jorge  


    If you'd like to appear in one of our 'Featured Owners' posts, please fill out the questionnaire at this link. Alternatively, email us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook.