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  1. The lightweight nature of micro tourer caravans

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    The lightweight nature of micro tourer caravans

    Historically, regular sized touring caravans have been rather heavy somewhat of a challenge to tow - and more often than not prone to snaking or wobbling, especially if your speed creeps up, if you encounter side winds or if a high sided vehicle overtakes.

    Touring caravans are generally nice and comfortable, yet a bit of a burden to have to pack up, tow and set up when going on holiday. Wasting valuable holiday time, (as well as being pretty stressful), during a time that should be all about enjoyment. 
    Fortunately, the development of micro tourer caravans (an adaption of modern, contemporary touring caravans), combines the nostalgic look and feel of classic teardrop caravans or teardrop campers, with all the features and luxury of their larger counterparts.
    2015 Go-Pod & trike combo

    Go-Pods, (light caravans starting off at around just 540kg), are extra-ordinarily easy to tow.

    Aerodynamic styling & setting the wheels further back, builds in incredible stability so that they'll never snake or wobble. While the built in AL-KO braking system provides even more control and makes towing a breeze, even for new drivers, those with no former experience or those who just don’t like the idea of towing. 

    Going Go Pods are in fact so lightweight - they can usually be towed by your existing car or small vehicle, avoiding the necessity of an expensive car upgrade, on top of the purchase cost of the caravan. 

    front box

    Go-Pods are 2 berth caravans, (which means they can fit two people in for sleeping), and are great for couples, or singles - and even people with pets! However, there is the option to sleep more too, within annex bedrooms that can be added to the awning that’s included with your purchase.
    Sometimes, with other 2 berth caravans for sale, they can be somewhat clunky, being built of heavier, inferior, old fashioned materials - which increases the overall weight and makes them less enjoyable to tow.
    When looking at small caravans for sale, most people tend to find old teardrop trailers or teardrop campers that are hastily made and prone to seam leaks. The Going Go-Pod, however doesn’t suffer with such problems - being made of a one-piece GRP shell, (similar to that of boats), which eradicates leaking seams. Discouraging mildew, which other small caravans for sale are prone to haveIMG_8289
    Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravans are made with usability, comfortability and practicality in mind - they’re usually small enough to fit in a regular car sized garage, saving money on storage costs and letting you be that much more spontaneous. Generally Go-Pods pass through the height restricted European and Australian tolls, without extra fees due to the height of these lightweight mini caravans. All the time still allowing full standing room inside, by way of the clever pop top design.
    For those more distant customers, importing a Going Go-Pod from the UK to another country such as Australia or New Zealand is radically cheaper than buying from home. Compared to regular tourer caravans or camper trailers, the cost of shipping can be lower, providing the best option even with the shipping costs involved. 

    If you’re considering looking at 2 berth caravans, teardrop caravans, tourer caravans or camper vans for sale - pay a quick visit to our general information page, to find out more on why Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravans are the best alternative for any camping enthusiast.

  2. Happy customers! The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod.

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    The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod - Going Go-Pod!

    With lots of our customers having being stuck inside due to the lockdown, it's been amazing to see so many posts about summer holidays and trips away in Go-Pods since the recent lift!

    None in our mind have been better so far than the following amazing post, from one of our favourite Go-Pods - the Chilli Pod!

    The owners of the Chilli Pod run a great page on Facebook - we suggest anyone enthusiastic about pods should give them a follow! 

    Here's the post below:

    "After being confined to our home and garden for what seems like forever, it has been fabulous to get out and about again in the Pod. We've had two very relaxing trips away now. One whole week of peace and quiet at Overwater Marina and a few nights at The Shady Oak Caravan Park. Both are very small sites and that really does help the feeling of relaxation, space and being away from it all.

    We have been largely self sufficient by taking our own facilities tent with loo and camping shower and only using facilities if absolutely necessary. We have done washing up at our Pod and have taken as many food supplies with us as possible. This does give you a feeling of safety whilst being away from home but outside in the fresh air.

    I feel the Pod has helped us to get out and about and start living life again. Who knows how long this virus will be about for? The situation starts to make you feel pretty depressed so the Pod has been a lifesaver. I wasn't sure how I would feel getting out and about again but the Pod has allowed me to do things "carefully" little by little whilst enjoying the countryside and the feeling of freedom.

    I have had social distancing conversations with people and so has Mr CP. As Mr CP has worked throughout all this, since March, it has been lovely for him to have a rest and recharge his batteries. We have been for walks as we would normally do when Podding away places. We have avoided anywhere crowded and have managed to get back to a bit of normality by collecting chips for our last meal at Overwater Marina and we were able to enjoy the beer garden at The Shady Oak too. We also got takeout coffee from the cafe at Overwater Marina and it is just small things like this that have helped us to feel a bit less insular.

    We have ensured that we take antibacterial wipes with us and hand gel. We have washed and washed our hands whenever we have had to use any facilities and, so far so good.

    The amount of caravanners in big caravans who tell us they use their own facilities but whom we saw every morning walking to the facilities with their washbags has been an eye opener. So many times, people have told us that they have a shower and loo in the van so they use them but, so far, we've not seen any evidence of this self containment. Therefore, having those facilities on board would seem to be a waste of time and money in my opinion. On the other hand, one caravanner told me that he wouldn't ever use his shower and loo because it was the best way to get damp in your caravan. Bizarre really.

    We'll stick to our Pod. It works for us ".

    Chilli Pod Go Pod Photo of Awning and Small Caravan

    You can find them on Facebook via @ChilliPod

    As you can see; Go-Pods really are a great way to get about travelling - especially when needing to social distance! With its small size making it very easy to tow and park, even those who aren't confident in towing can be sure that they will find it a breeze.

    If you have any questions, feel free to check our FAQ page or contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

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  3. Jockey Wheel Advice

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    It’s important to secure your jockey wheel properly while using your Go-Pod and here are a few tips on how to overcome some common issues.

    On this example shown, the bracket has been clamped up too low down on the jockey wheel. It should be clamped around the larger diameter top part.

    However, it is also possible to tighten the jockey wheel clamp on the larger diameter tube but still have it looking crooked like this.

    The arrow labelled '1' in the photo below shows where the clamp should be ideally.

    To correct any issues like this, we suggest supporting the front end of the Go-Pods hitch using something that is substantial enough to take its weight. A axle stand, block of wood or bricks maybe. Take suitable care with this and ensure the handbrake is applied.

    With the support in place wind the jockey wheel up, so that the whole weight of the Go-Pod now rests on the support you prepared, thus raising the jockey wheel up in to the air.

    If the smaller diameter tube is over extended, continue winding until most of it is inside of the larger diameter outer tubing.

    Once the jockey wheel is off the ground you can release the clamp lock, (number 4 on the photo), taking care not to drop it on to your toes! 

    You can then ensure the larger diameter tube is correctly positioned in the clamp. 

    TIP! Wiggle the jockey wheel as you re-tighten the clamp lock, to ensure it is straight & properly seated in the clamp. Clamping it up wonky is a common issue as is failing to tighten the clamp suffeciently - as they can begin to work loose unless if they're not properly tightened.

    With the jockey wheel adjusted and the clamp tight, wind the handle, (3), again so that the wheel touches the floor and jacks your Go-Pod up, off of the support. You can now remove the support.

    A jockey wheel that is clamped crooked, will often jump straight suddenly, (as you move around inside), and will result in the clamp becoming loose. This can cause the front of the Go-Pod to drop without warning and although alarming, this is not normally detrimental.

    If this does happen, just re-set your jockey wheel is the way described above. Jockey wheels are seldom faulty and the majority of issues are user related.

    Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 14.41.16

    If in doubt, please contact the After Sales Department on 01704 889973.

  4. Worried about towing? Check these owner reviews

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    Even without any prior towing experience, Go-Pods are easy and hassel free to tow.

    Here are some reassuring reviews from customers who have never towed anything before.

    Rosie Whittaker

    Angela Phillips

    Sue Baker

    Keith Richardson

    Cheryl Armstrong

    Gillian Davies

    Mark Collins

    Jon Watkins 

    So whether you're young, more senior, single, a couple or a family - you'll find Go-Pods to be very easy to hook up and tow. You don't need any special equipment, mirror extensions, stabilisers or towing courses and the Go-Pods own braking system ensures that everything stays nicely under control - even in an emergency stop situation.

    There will be no 'snaking' or wobbling even at motorway speeds, when going over high bridges or when a big lorry passes. Go-pods remain steady all the way.

    Worried about reversing? Don't be! Go-Pods are easy to reverse, just keep it slow or if you prefer, unhitch, move the car, spin the Go-Pod caravan around then just hook it back up & go. You're never really stuck like you could be with a larger caravan or motorhome.

    What about fueling up with a Go-Pod on? Well that's exactly the same as if it wasn't there. Just pull up to the pump refuel and you're on your way.

    And for a little extra help on arrival, the ultimate in convenience is a motor mover. Then just unhitch your Go-Pod, engage the motor mover and slowly position your compact caravan in to the exact spot, effortlessly - however rough the ground is.

    For more information on towing a Go-Pod please visit the following link or drop us a line.



  5. Electrics & towing for Go-Pods

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    We've been receiving a few questions regarding the towing electrics for Go-Pods and control panel settings, so here's a quick overview.

    Go-Pods™ come with a 13 pin Euro socket and this is the type of electrics you should have fitted if you're adding a tow bar. The tow bar ball is a standard 50mm.

    If you have an existing tow bar but with different electrics, (single 7 pin or twin electrics), you can purchase an adaptor.

    If you only have a 7 pin socket on your car, you can still tow legally as it will operate the driving lights. But you need 13 pin or twin electrics if you want to charge the Go-Pods' on-board battery and run the fridge while in transit.

    On the control panel inside your Go-Pod, select the CAR option on the rocker switch while towing. Once you stop, change the switch to VAN.

    Please check out our Videos page for more information on hitching and the control panel.


  6. Driving License Requirements for Towing.

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    Always conform to the regulations issued by the Government at: https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car.

    We offer Go-Pods with both 750Kg and 1000Kg MTPLM plate options to suit different types of licence.

    Please note, we are no at liberty to offer licence advice and it is the customers responsibility to ensure that they are legally entitled to tow their purchase.