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Has getting a Pod futureproofed our holidays? - guest blog by Suzanne & Ian of The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod Facebook Page

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This insightful blog post was shared to us by the guys at "The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod" Facebook page - read on to find out how owning a Go-Pod has given them a cost-effective, future proofed holiday option!
😎 Has getting a Pod futureproofed our holidays? 😎
It was getting to the point where going away for a few weeks a year was becoming way too expensive. Throw in a hundred quids worth of petrol for a return trip to Cornwall, food, parking and eating out and it was totalling a small fortune. We had kept bringing forward our week away until we were no longer going away the second week in July but were going away the second week in June instead. It had got to the point where there was no way of economising any further on our trips. All this would just be competely unaffordable now.
We had got bored of self catering anyway because we had always been campers. We decided on a Pod instead of a trailer for our tent because it just looked so cool, more comfortable and very appealing for our knackered old bones after a full on day of walking. Fast forward a few years and our Pod is even more cool with it's gorgeous upholstered interior, it's Chilli side panels and it's super cuteness. No need to mention how easy it is to tow, setup, clean and store because those are just more reasons why we love it so much.
Our Pod has now paid for itself and all the multitude of accessories we have bought for it. It's fair to say that Mrs CP doesn't like slumming it, so we have bought the best we can buy. Our Pod is used for all our holidays after all. Even with interruptions to going away due to the pandemic, our total nights away means our Pod and accessories initial outlay has been covered now.
We had a look at how much a week away would cost us now and found that the small apartment we used to rent would set us back a whopping £1200.00 per week. Fuel to get there and back would be nearer £175.00 and, obviously, all other associated expenses have increased.
Therefore, it's great to be able to book a summer holiday for a week when we actually want to be away. It's even better that it's only going to cost less than a quarter of the price of the self catering apartment. As we are going somewhere nearer to home, we can reduce our fuel costs, even with us towing. At 750Kg, the fuel economy towing a Pod, as opposed to a larger caravan, is also very welcome at the moment.
We find Podding a healthier holiday all round. We walk for miles, take a picnic, take our cameras, take the drone and sit down for a rest and enjoy the view. We leave the car alone pretty much. Another saving on fuel for us.
Holidays are for downtime and a recharge of batteries, they aren't about saving money as they are really what we all save up for. In the current financial climate though, any saving is a huge bonus. It means we can have more Podtrips away and we really appreciate that at the moment. It gives us time to switch off from all the awful things going on and helps improve our physical and mental health.
As the future is just going to get more expensive, we can highly recommend a Pod to anyone who wants to futureproof their holidays. That was never our intention when we bought the Pod but it has happened by default. Without the Pod, I doubt we would be having more than a week away this year. We feel very lucky and pretty grateful too.

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