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Garage storage V. paid for storage...

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A lot of Go-Pod owners keep their caravans inside of their garage but unfortunately the dimensions of some owners garages fall just shy of the minimum headroom. But does this have to be a major problem or deciding factor?

If the height is minimally lower, some owners simply deflate the tyres a litte to gain the extra height advantage but another option worth considering is storage.

The cost of paying to store your Go-Pod isn't too expensive and should be under £300 / year. Like storing in your own garage, you have the security advantage that nobody knows if you are away or not. And with the Go-Pod's one piece GRP shell, there isn't any problem with keeping your caravan outside all year round - just as it is. The following link might be of interest to those considering the options. Click here. Also see this advice from
Of course, the other benefit with storing elsewhere is that your garage space is still free to use for other daily purposes.
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