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Fixing your Khyam awning to your Go-Pod.

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Update: Since July 2017 the official Go-Pod Khyam awning is supplied complete with the awning bead ready attached. The following blog, although out of date, may be useful for people with older Go-Pods and Khyam Tailgate or XL awnings.

It is also possible to use the old style awning without having to sew on an awning bead. In this case, just tie the guy ropes from the tunnel section of the awning forward, to the grab handles. Certainly worth trying first.

The recommended awning is not made by Go-Pods but is generic design that suits the Go-Pod very well. 

Khyam, (the  manufacturer of the awning), do not include an awning bead for attaching it, so you’ll need to add this component yourself.



• Purchase 50" / 1.27m of 6mm awning bead. Try eBay or your local caravan shop.

• Sew the awning bead on to the awning, at the point where it will affix to the Go-Pods porch.

• The attached awning bead slots in to the awning rail that is located above the Go-Pods door.

NB: Go-Tarps are supplied with the awning bead already attached.

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