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  1. We sometimes get asked how the Suzuki Jimny copes as a towing vehicle for Go-Pods, so we asked the owners who know!

    Simon's reply follows:

    "The previous Go-Pod pulling car I had was a Toyota Yaris, which towed really well. But the Yaris was old and due for replacement. So a Suzuki Jimny took its place. 
    Simons Jimny 1
    The Jimny tows just as well. I took the Pod and Jimny to Scotland weighed down with camping kit for 10 people from Sidmouth in Devon. And if you look at the map of the UK it is also uphill all the way.
    Sometimes on steep hills I had to change down a gear and bimble along with lorries in lane 1 for a while along with other caravans. But as soon as the road levelled out off I went at a steady 60 mph. Overtaking many caravans which had cars with huge mirrors clamped to them in order to see behind the mobile homes attached to the rear!
    This combination of Jimny and Pod has also been to Le Mans in France for the 24 hour race. There I found the only problem was not splashing fellow campers with mud as I passed by while they were stuck on grass trying to leave for home. Having popped the little car into 4 wheel drive, I have been up rather steep lanes on Dartmoor as well.
    Simons Jimny Go-Pod
    Personally I love the Jimny to use as a tow car. It is not fast but it means the pod can go anywhere. The power / pulling power of a big towing car with a standard caravan is no doubt the same out on the road as the Pod and Jimny as both are lightweight, even if I only have a 1.3 engine."
    Some other Go-Pod / Jimny combos:
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