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Ricky & Cherie's Go-Pod Adventures... so far.

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We asked new Go-Pod owners Cherie & Ricky to send us an account of their winter Podding adventures and here's what they had to say...

"This is Our Go-Pod Journey.

I'm one of those people who often gets an idea in their head and I research, research and research. 99% of the time I will find a problem that puts me off. (My poor Husband Ricky really doesn't know if he's coming or going sometimes). 
This is our Journey to owning our very first Go-Pod. 
A good few years ago when our children were young, we were avid tent campers. Now I am in my mid 40's and Ricky in his early 50's we decided camping was getting too much for us. 
We wanted a little luxury, something that ticked ALL the right boxes. Something that enabled us freedom to explore and to be in total comfort.
I started looking at caravans and doing my usual througher "research" when I discovered the GO-POD!
IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I you-tubed it, googled it, read reviews and chatted about it with family and friends. Then I came across a fantastic site on Facebook called "Go Pod Information #Podlife" that is run by a very friendly and experienced Go-Pod owner called Suzanne Winterbottom-Jones. This gave us both a wealth of up to date information. The other 200 + members were there on hand to offer their advice too. 
Ricky got in touch with a local couple who were very happy to show us around their Go-Pod. We knew it would be just perfect for us. 
A few months later we went along to a caravan show and met Chris who specialises in the Going Go-Pod. This is where we put a deposit down on our Pod. It was so easy and straightforward. We booked our collection date and time and off we went, proud Pod owners. 
Chris also kept in touch via email. A couple of months later in November 2018 Ricky and I drove up to collect our brand new Pod. We stayed the night as the journey was long but we hardly slept as we were so excited! 
First thing Saturday morning we arrived and Chris greeted us and showed us all around our new Pod. Chris explained everything we needed to know. It was really nice having just the one person to deal with who remembered us. It gives the feeling of "a personal touch. 
We exchanged payment and off we went. We drove all the way home (4 1/2 hours). 
The drive back was rather unusual. Having not towed before it felt slightly "jerky". Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a problem, everything felt stable. It was just not what we expected. (on further research this is very common especially in unloaded caravans). 
A few days later we naturally had forgotten a few things and Chris and his after sales care were 100% helpful in every way. 
The First Weekend Away.
All Packed up and off we set. Didn't go far from home, just visited a lovely little caravan site half an hour up the road. We had booked up 2 nights. (It was 3 weeks to Christmas but we were determined to try it out).
Towing the Pod this time was even better now we had some weight inside it. 
The weather that weekend was very cold with a northerly wind.
That wasn't going to put us off having a great time... And we did. On arrival Ricky took about 15 minutes to wind down the stabilisers, plug in the electric hook up and fill the water caddy. I made a cuppa tea for us both and whacked up the heating. 
We had an amazing 2 night mini holiday. 
Check out our photos.... We spent nearly all our weekend relaxing in the pod. 
Both of us would highly recommend the Go-Pod. Its easy to park, set up, has everything you need. We love the ease of cooking, the TV/DVD player, the extra wide bed. We love everything! 
We are extremely pleased with our choice of purchase and the service we had. 
Looking forward to more holiday adventures! :-)"
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