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Too Tall For A Go-Pod? Maybe not...

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Although cleverly compact, Go-Pods are enjoyed by plenty of tallers Podders!

With the pop-top providing standing room of over 6ft and the generous bed which measures 6ft 2in at it's longest point, the Go-Pod is larger inside than you might think. And with a growing number, (no pun intended), of customers, some up to 6ft 4in it's certainly worth a closer look.

bed dims

A video link follows & here's what some of our exisiting owners have to say;

Tall Go-Pod 1

Tall Go-Pod 2

Tall Go-Pod 3

Tall Go-Pod 4

For more height related reviews type or paste Go-Pod 6ft2 in to YouTube!





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  1. Matt

    I'm 6ft 4in and manage very well in the Go-Pod. No different to the last Bailey caravan we had before.

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