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TV & aerials in your Go-Pod caravan.

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Campsites notoriously suffer from poor TV reception and many now offer a plug-in connection from their power turrets, that provides a helpful solution. So be sure to pack a coil of aerial extension lead, to connect to your Go-Pod's external aerial socket to the campsite's aerial socket.

 But if this service is not available, here's a couple of things that might prove helpful...

 We have a TV aerial on the Accessories page that matches the Go-Pods TV. The important thing is that it can be boosted from the TV to much improve your signal.

In the TV's settings menu look for the '5 Amp power boost' setting and make sure that it is on before starting the tuning sequence. This makes all the difference!

Also, iPhone users may like to download the iTransmitterLocator app to their phones. The app displays a big red arrow on your phone's screen, pointing in the direction of the strongest TV signal. And certainly takes the guess work out of positioning your aerial!

We don't offer a fixed external aerial as an accessory, as we recommend that the external shell of the Going Go-Pod is not compromised by unecessary screw holes or fixings.

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