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BBC Top Gear and the Go-Pod

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We were a little dubious when BBC Top Gear called to ask if they could borrow a Go-Pod, as like us, you've probably seen them exploding, driving through and even playing a game of giant conkers with caravans. But they assured us it would be properly insured and we hoped that our micro tourer might make it back. We did get it back in one piece & seems to have actually done more than just survive... Pick up this month Top Gear Magazine issue for your copy.

 BBC Top Gear Go-Pods 1BBC Top Gear Go-Pods 2BBC Top Gear Go-Pods 3BBC Top Gear Go-Pods 4

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  1. Ron Carthy

    To paraphrase a certain Victor Meldew "I don't believe it! " - Top Gear actually endorsing a caravan ! .

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