Ship a Go-Pod direct to NZ!

Although we don't have any dealerships in New Zealand, it's still possible to buy one from the UK and have it shipped to your door. And it's not as difficult as it sounds!

We've teamed up with New Zealand based shipping company Extreme Global who have UK associates and experience of transporting Go-Pods to NZ already. They can really make the whole exercise a total doddle!

Additionally, the Go-Pods prices shown on our site include UK sales tax of 20% which would not be charged. So this offsets the importation costs making the whole process much more affordable.

Here's a rough idea of costings & other details to help you to decide. 

The NZ Government charges duty at 5% on the purchase price of your Go-Pod.

GST (Goods & Sale Tax) is at15% on everything. So that's the purchase price, duty, seafreight & any local charges.

Our preferred New Zealand ports are Auckland and Lyttelton and Nelson, while in the UK we ship from the Port of Hull.

Transit times 42 – 45 days to Auckland and Lyttelton and 58 days to Nelson. Please allow 4 weeks from time of ordering to delivery to the UK port.

Freight Rates are around £1400.00 GBP and the local NZ charges are NZ$1500.00 which includes container unpacking, Customs clearance & MPI (Bio-security inspection).

There is a charge of £250.00 GBP for transportation from the Go-Pods depot to the UK port of exit & insurance is additional at approx. NZ$300.00.       

This example is from October 2018 and intended for guidance - the figures can be confirmed at time of your enquiry.