Before viewing the Go-Pod

Before viewing, it's useful to know that all Go-Pods are the exact same size, shape and layout.

The only difference between models is the accessories within them. Therefore once you have seen one Go-Pod, you're in a good position to proceed with your order, without further travelling.

The Go-Pods exterior shape never changes but the model you view might not be the latest version. Therefore please review the 'Look inside!' below video to see the very latest internal styling.

All Go-Pods start life as a Standard model.

So a PLUS model is simply a Standard with four of the most popular accessories added to it's spec, at a discounted price.

The Platinum Edition Go-Pod is our most popular model and has almost every feature available! You can choose different GRP shell and fabric colours too and as with the PLUS, a generous saving have been built in to the price.

We hope you enjoy your viewing of the Go-Pod micro tourer caravan & look forward to being of service.