Referral & Rewards Programme

If you own a Go-Pod and bought it from us either new or pre-owned, we invite you to join our Referrals & Rewards Programme

Over 100 owners nationwide & abroad already show their Go-Pods to potential new customers & earn rewards.

For many people, travelling to our head office in Lancashire is quite a long journey, so viewing more locally is a welcome option. But apart from that, they'll benefit from hearing your experiences of buying & using the product too.

It's also a great way to get a feel for the pros & cons of Go-Pods without the pressure of a salesman standing nearby, and if you happened to view with an owner before purchasing your own Go-Pod, you'll appreciate the confidence that it instills as if there were any prevalent problems with the product, viewers would surely hear about them first hand from our owners.

So how does it work?

Once joined, you will receive a viewings guide PDF document by email and sales literature by post. We'll add your approximate location to the viewings map (we usually pick a nearby park or green space) along with your first name & first half of your postcode.

Viewers enter their location into the search bar of the map, which then displays a list of local owners in order of distance. They then complete a form on the page to request a viewing with you, which is sent to us. We'll contact you to check your availability (there is no obligation to provide a viewing if you are busy or away in your Go-Pod, of course) and if you are available, we'll go back to the viewer via email, copying you in, so that you can liaise with them directly.

Viewers are informed that this service is offered by non-obligated volunteers and as a courtesy, and that any sales-related questions should therefore be directed to us after the viewing. You are only expected to provide an honest appraisal of Go-Pods and answer questions relating to your personal experience of owning and using one.

Once you advise us that the viewing is complete, we'll follow up with the viewer and keep you updated as to the outcome. Should a customer proceed to order after viewing, you'll receive one Go-Pod Credit that can be exchanged for accessories and upgrades for your Go-Pod.

If the viewing doesn't result in an order, don't worry - you won't be left empty handed. All viewings are rewarded with a credit of 0.25 points which is then converted to a full point if the viewing does result in an order at any stage.

Join Referrals & Rewards Programme
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