Ordering from the USA

Thank you for your interest in Go-Pods.

At this time, we don’t have Go-Pod distributors in the USA. The reason for this is that all production is pre-sold to the home market and Europe. Therefore if we did appoint a distributor, there would be no stock available to send them..

However, we do serve the general public and you can import a Go-Pod privately if required. We would introduce you to a shipping agent who would arrange the transport on your behalf. .As an estimate shipping is around $4000 USD plus import tax. Additionally, you would need to modify the electrics once in the US to suit your lower mains voltage and towing regulations.

However, we don’t need to apply our normal 20% sales tax to your purchase and this substantially reduces the costs and offsets the shipping.

If this option is of interest, please contact us with your preferred model choice and we'll start the process rolling for you.