Pre-2018 Specifications

Latest Specifications - 2018 Models Onwards

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External Dimensions - Pre-2018 Models

Length - 4.20m including 0.98m hitch & bar.
Width - 1.85m
Height - 2.02m roof down. Raising pop top adds 30cm.
    * Allow 210cm garage height clearance.
MiRO - 490Kg (545Kg Actual Mass / Standard Model)
Braking - AL-KO Braking System.
MTPLM - 750Kg
Nose Weight - 49Kg (54Kg with front box & gas bottle plumbed) 
Ground Cl. - 180mm NB: Lowest point is the removable spare wheel.
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 GOING Go-Pods Layout Diagram


Internal Dimensions    
Standing height - 1.84m
Floor - full length - 2.05m
Floor - width - 0.62m
Floor - bed end to door - 1.00m
Bed - length - 1.95m
Bed - width as double - 1.57m
Bed - width as single - 0.53m
Door - width - 0.60m
Door - height - 1.58m
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* Note regarding heights & garage storage: 

Due to the manufacturing process, dimensions may vary slightly depending on which mould is used and the thickness of GRP applied. The heights shown are considered near maximum & some Go-Pods may be lower. Ground clearance on 2018 models onwards, is increased & are higher over all accordingly. We recommend allowing reasonable clearance on entrance heights, to ensure compatibility and Go-Pods are sold on this basis & understanding.

Other points to note:

Decal, side panel, fabric & GRP colours viewed online may vary depending on your monitor's calibration. Therefore the colour options shown are intended as a representation and a guide, rather than an exact colour match. Changing to darker side panels or GRP colours may affect the temperature inside of your Go-Pod on hot days.

Items supplied may differ from pictures & listing due to availability. We reserve the right to make changes without notification.

Measurements and weights shown are intended as a guide and may vary, be approximated or estimated where necessary. Weights may change without notice and we recommend allowing a suitable margin. If your car's towing allowance is low, please remember that adding accessories will increase the overall weight & you may wish to carry more of your load in the tow vehicle. Roof boxes are a popular solution too. Actual Mass figures are offered as a guide only and we recommend working to the maximum MTPLM, which must not be exceeded. Towing using a cars with low towing capacities is possible but should be done so at the responsibility of the customer.

Always refer to the online Owners Manual for correct operating procedures.