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The Go-Pod Awning - Set Up Advice.

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We had this recent request for help with the awning and thought it might be useful to share it and the reply:

"I would like some advice on the best way to fit the awning to my Go-Pod please. Any tips would be gratefully received!"

Most owners use the two front guy ropes on the awning and tie them forward to the Pods' front grab handles. Ensure both ropes are the same length and tie them off so that the fabric of the awning stays just shy of the Go-Pods pop top opening. Some people use S-hooks to fix to the handles so that it’s quicker and so the guy ropes are always the same length.

So, firstly erect the awning so that it's free standing, affix the front ropes to the grab handles, walk the whole awning backwards away from the Go-Pod until the tunnel goes tight.

Ensure that the whole structure stays as straight and as squarely aligned as possible. 

With all the doors and the divider on the awning zipped down, peg down the awning's legs.

Pegs are provided but it's a good idea to take some extra, metal hardstand pegs and a club hammer. Those are the pegs that are like 6” nails & work in every scenario.

Watch that the webbing straps between the awning's legs aren't wrapped around the feet and that they are as taut as possible as you peg it. Then proceed to peg the rest down.

Tuck the elasticated end well under the rear of the Go-Pod when pegging, to get a snug fit with the elasticated sides.

It will normally be a little different each time, due to the lay of the land and so on but with some care & practice, you'll find its a really great awning, even in pretty strong winds! 

Awning tie 2

Awning tie 1

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