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  1. We've received a couple queries regarding the hitch grease nipples, solar panels & awnings recently, (as they've been topics discussed on some forums), so thought we'd post a little info on these to put customer's minds at rest.

    1. Hitch Grease: the apparatus is made by AL-KO, (a top quality brand), and are supplied pre-greased. The nipples service the mechanism inside the metal tubing & beneath the rubber gator and this is not visible unless the gator is removed. No grease will be seen around nor inside the nipples, as that would not have been used. This is something that can be checked by removing the gator or at a service but it’s best not to over-grease. We have never had any issues with Go-Pods having problems with a lack or grease. Videos and images below to show how your hitch should be.

    2. Solar Panel Controller: Solar panels are totally automatic and need no attention. The controller, (that prevents over charging and stops the charge from trying to leave the battery when dark), just does it’s own thing. We have never encountered a faulty controller unit. The lights flash and illuminate in a variety of ways but we recommend that the battery be kept an eye on instead and the solar panel controller can be left alone.

    3. Awnings: The branded awning, (discontinued around end of 2017), was the same size and dimensions as the non-branded version which Khyam sell. It does however work out more cost effective not to provide the branded one, as we can’t buy them in as large a quantity / as cheaply as the regular ones that Khyam produce. So bottom line is that by reverting to the regular version saves the customer money. We did add an awning bead to the branded one but this too was discontinued, as we prefer that the tunnel fit can be better adjusted if the guy ropes are tied forward to the grab handles instead. 

    Hope this helps and if any owner has a question that they'd like answered - then drop us a post or contact our after sales.

    Grease nipples location

     The grease nipples location.


    With gator removed

    With gator removed. (We don't recommend removing the gator incase it becomes split & lets road dirt in).

    This is how the action of the hitch should be. If your's is like this, you can just leave it be.