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  1. Jayne & Godfrey Wilkinson collected their Go-Pod from Red Lion on the 2nd August 2019 - and then set straight off on an epic road trip across Europe! This is what they said;

    We picked up our new Go-Pod on 2nd August 2019.  
    We then travelled for a month across Europe, staying in the Go-Pod on a number of campsites in France, Switzerland and Italy, to our final destination on 31st August, the Mani, in the Peloponnese, Greece. 
    We travelled a total of 3158 km (1963 miles), it was a great trip and the perfect way to travel.
    Jayne & Godfrey.
    The Go-Pod, being easy to tow & cheaper on ferry costs is the perfect micro caravan for European road trips. Have a look at some of their pictures from the trip below!