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  1. This insightful blog post was shared to us by the guys at "The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod" Facebook page - read on to find out how owning a Go-Pod has given them a cost-effective, future proofed holiday option!
    😎 Has getting a Pod futureproofed our holidays? ðŸ˜Ž
    It was getting to the point where going away for a few weeks a year was becoming way too expensive. Throw in a hundred quids worth of petrol for a return trip to Cornwall, food, parking and eating out and it was totalling a small fortune. We had kept bringing forward our week away until we were no longer going away the second week in July but were going away the second week in June instead. It had got to the point where there was no way of economising any further on our trips. All this would just be competely unaffordable now.
    We had got bored of self catering anyway because we had always been campers. We decided on a Pod instead of a trailer for our tent because it just looked so cool, more comfortable and very appealing for our knackered old bones after a full on day of walking. Fast forward a few years and our Pod is even more cool with it's gorgeous upholstered interior, it's Chilli side panels and it's super cuteness. No need to mention how easy it is to tow, setup, clean and store because those are just more reasons why we love it so much.
    Our Pod has now paid for itself and all the multitude of accessories we have bought for it. It's fair to say that Mrs CP doesn't like slumming it, so we have bought the best we can buy. Our Pod is used for all our holidays after all. Even with interruptions to going away due to the pandemic, our total nights away means our Pod and accessories initial outlay has been covered now.
    We had a look at how much a week away would cost us now and found that the small apartment we used to rent would set us back a whopping £1200.00 per week. Fuel to get there and back would be nearer £175.00 and, obviously, all other associated expenses have increased.
    Therefore, it's great to be able to book a summer holiday for a week when we actually want to be away. It's even better that it's only going to cost less than a quarter of the price of the self catering apartment. As we are going somewhere nearer to home, we can reduce our fuel costs, even with us towing. At 750Kg, the fuel economy towing a Pod, as opposed to a larger caravan, is also very welcome at the moment.
    We find Podding a healthier holiday all round. We walk for miles, take a picnic, take our cameras, take the drone and sit down for a rest and enjoy the view. We leave the car alone pretty much. Another saving on fuel for us.
    Holidays are for downtime and a recharge of batteries, they aren't about saving money as they are really what we all save up for. In the current financial climate though, any saving is a huge bonus. It means we can have more Podtrips away and we really appreciate that at the moment. It gives us time to switch off from all the awful things going on and helps improve our physical and mental health.
    As the future is just going to get more expensive, we can highly recommend a Pod to anyone who wants to futureproof their holidays. That was never our intention when we bought the Pod but it has happened by default. Without the Pod, I doubt we would be having more than a week away this year. We feel very lucky and pretty grateful too.
  2. If you're here, you probably love camping... but have you ever considered having your own completely custom caravan?

    The Go-Pod Camper is a newly available model of the world-renowned Go-Pod (recently featured on Top Gear in Nov, 21) that has a wide range of bespoke options to choose from - allowing you to tailor the design to your own tastes and needs. It's perfect for those seeking a luxury experience.

    Orange Overlander 1

    1. You can choose any shell colour for just £999.00 extra!

    The Go-Pod Camper is made from a one-piece GRP shell that eradicates seam-leaks and water damage. This shell can be provided in almost any colour of your choice and is great if you want to match the Go-Pods aesthetics to your current car or fashion style.

    10 - GRP Shell 2019

    2. Both side panels can be decorated with any artwork of your choice for £600.00!

    On either side of the GRP shell, there are side panels that can be decorated with any artwork of your choice - just let us know what you want, and our in-house designer will take care of the rest. This is great for really showcasing your personality on the road, or for advertising your business.

    Side Panel nature

    3. The interior is completely bespoke, and there are multiple options to choose from.

    This is where it gets really interesting! The interior is customisable in the following ways: wood colour, worktop colour, trim colour, main fabric colour and fabric piping colour.

    There are several options to choose from for each, and the limits are up to you - match it to the outside of your pod, or let loose and try something new! Have a look at what other customers have done here.

    Grey Overlander 3

    4.  It has so many features that it's hard to fit them all into one post!

    The Go-Pod Camper includes many creature comforts and upgrades that simply make it one of the best caravans in the market for its price range. There simply is no other bespoke caravan that it can be compared to in terms of style, and quality finishing - it is absolutely in a league of its own.

    Here are some of the features below: 

    • exclusive high-end wood finish options
    • Custom upholstery with matching curtains
    • Wide range of detailing options
    • Thicker worktops - choice of finishes
    • extra worktop with in-built wireless charging
    • larger table - matched to worktops
    • microwave
    • front opening fridge upgrade (CRE50)
    • TV/DVD
    • dual-fuel blown air heating (240v & gas)
    • dometic sink/hob combo upgrade
    • alloy wheels
    • full airbeam awning (model may vary)
    • 100w solar panel
    • Tassimo coffee station
    • Bluetooth speaker
    • Smart TV
    • Controllable LED lighting strips

    5.  Campervan owners love it!

    Many campervan owners are realising that they want something smaller, and easier to use. Something where they can leave their base set-up, and use their normal car to go exploring - instead of having to pack-up and drive around a motorhome that is hard to find parking for.

    That being said, some campervan owners are even using the Go-Pod Camper as the ultimate campervan accessory - to provide extra sleeping for their children, and to be able to leave their base set up when they leave camp for the day.

    The Go-Pod Camper has a luxury finish that makes it reminiscent of campervans / motorhomes, but in its own unique and developed stye. You definitely wont feel uncomfortable in one of these.

    Grey Overlander 1

    6.  They make great sense financially.

    A good campervan nowadays can put you behind for hundreds of thousands of pounds - the upkeep is enormous, and generally speaking they can depreciate wildly in value in the space of just a few years.

    Go-Pods however, hold their value very well and there is a strong market for pre-owned Go-Pods - meaning, as long as the design is in good taste , it should be relatively easy to sell your Go-Pod on in the future if you ever feel like you want to move on.

    7.  The Go-Pod community is amazing!

    Go-Pods has an extremely strong community, primarily led on Facebook - but it spreads to most platforms and all across the world. A large number of 'Podders' provide invaluable information to eachother, gained through years of their own experience in owning the world's best micro-caravan.

    We attend events and expos every year, so if you ever want to pop by and say hello - just keep an eye on our events calendar for anything upcoming. Or message us for more information.

    Orange Overlander 4

    8.  The Go-Pod Camper is a custom caravan that can be used totally off-grid.

    As the Go-Pod Camper features its own solar panel, that can power the 12V fridge, on-board heating and leisure battery - it's possible to use a Go-Pod Camper off-grid, or as a portable office

    It has an on-board camping toilet, ample storage space and a great kitchen area for any meals-on-the-go. One of our Podders in Australia has actually been using one to live semi off-grid in order to be closer to his place of work during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more about that here.

    9.  Choose to include the latest SMART features with your custom caravan.

    The Go-Pod Camper includes many smart features that bring it above the mark of plain old ordinary caravans - with things such as wireless chargers and USB ports, it makes it extremely easy to bring your existing tech on-board to use when away on your travels.

    It also includes a SMART TV that can be installed with apps such as Netflix - this SMART TV can be connected to the included bluetooth speaker, providing a home-theater surround-sound experience in your pod. In the meantime, brew a cup of coffee with your included tassimo machine.

    On top of all this it includes controllable LED lighting, that can be changed to any colour of your choice - matching whatever mood you're currently in, and dimmable to allow for night-time use.

    10. How to order a custom caravan such as a Go-Pod Camper

    1. Visit the shop listing for the Go-Pod Camper here.

    2. Select your chosen wood, fabric and trim colour options shown on the listing.

    3.  Add your Go-Pod Camper to the basket.

    4.  Add any upgrades such as custom shell colours and decals into your basket by visiting the add-on section.

    5. Checkout & place your order! A sales rep will contact you shortly after to arrange further.

    If you have any questions about the Go-Pod Camper, please contact us.

  3. The lightweight nature of micro tourer caravans

    Historically, regular sized touring caravans have been rather heavy somewhat of a challenge to tow - and more often than not prone to snaking or wobbling, especially if your speed creeps up, if you encounter side winds or if a high sided vehicle overtakes.

    Touring caravans are generally nice and comfortable, yet a bit of a burden to have to pack up, tow and set up when going on holiday. Wasting valuable holiday time, (as well as being pretty stressful), during a time that should be all about enjoyment. 
    Fortunately, the development of micro tourer caravans (an adaption of modern, contemporary touring caravans), combines the nostalgic look and feel of classic teardrop caravans or teardrop campers, with all the features and luxury of their larger counterparts.
    2015 Go-Pod & trike combo

    Go-Pods, (light caravans starting off at around just 540kg), are extra-ordinarily easy to tow.

    Aerodynamic styling & setting the wheels further back, builds in incredible stability so that they'll never snake or wobble. While the built in AL-KO braking system provides even more control and makes towing a breeze, even for new drivers, those with no former experience or those who just don’t like the idea of towing. 

    Going Go Pods are in fact so lightweight - they can usually be towed by your existing car or small vehicle, avoiding the necessity of an expensive car upgrade, on top of the purchase cost of the caravan. 

    front box

    Go-Pods are 2 berth caravans, (which means they can fit two people in for sleeping), and are great for couples, or singles - and even people with pets! However, there is the option to sleep more too, within annex bedrooms that can be added to the awning that’s included with your purchase.
    Sometimes, with other 2 berth caravans for sale, they can be somewhat clunky, being built of heavier, inferior, old fashioned materials - which increases the overall weight and makes them less enjoyable to tow.
    When looking at small caravans for sale, most people tend to find old teardrop trailers or teardrop campers that are hastily made and prone to seam leaks. The Going Go-Pod, however doesn’t suffer with such problems - being made of a one-piece GRP shell, (similar to that of boats), which eradicates leaking seams. Discouraging mildew, which other small caravans for sale are prone to haveIMG_8289
    Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravans are made with usability, comfortability and practicality in mind - they’re usually small enough to fit in a regular car sized garage, saving money on storage costs and letting you be that much more spontaneous. Generally Go-Pods pass through the height restricted European and Australian tolls, without extra fees due to the height of these lightweight mini caravans. All the time still allowing full standing room inside, by way of the clever pop top design.
    For those more distant customers, importing a Going Go-Pod from the UK to another country such as Australia or New Zealand is radically cheaper than buying from home. Compared to regular tourer caravans or camper trailers, the cost of shipping can be lower, providing the best option even with the shipping costs involved. 

    If you’re considering looking at 2 berth caravans, teardrop caravans, tourer caravans or camper vans for sale - pay a quick visit to our general information page, to find out more on why Go-Pod Micro Tourer Caravans are the best alternative for any camping enthusiast.

  4. Is living full-time inside of a small caravan possible?

    We sometimes hear of people who do and actually cope very well! And recently, this has been put to the test in one of the worlds toughest & hottest environments - Australia!


    Go-Pod owner Gary has made the compact living quarters of his Go-Pod his real, full-time home for some months, due mainly to lockdowns and travel restrictions. It allows him to stay close to his aircraft hangar which ensures that he can do what he loves the most, everyday - flying.


    Gary says; “I am still very much enjoying the Go-Pod. In fact, for the past six months I’ve been living in it more or less full time!  Due to various lengthy Covid travel restrictions in Australia, I decided to lock myself down near to where I hangar my little ultralight aircraft so that I could at least continue to fly during periods when I couldn’t do much else.  Luckily I was able to hook up to power at the hangar and use the bathroom there, so it’s all worked out very well.” 


    Other Go-Pod owners undertake extensive tours, enjoying the hassle-free towing advantages & many on-board facilities to find that it really isn’t that different from being at home!


    After complying with local towing regulations, Gary says that the Go-Pod was by far the best choice in terms of value, size, build quality & usability - even after any shipping half way across the world. 


    Find out more about the Go-Pod Micro-Tourer Caravans great adaptability here. 

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  5. What are tourer caravans? 

    Tourer caravans are mostly large, bulky trailers that come in a variety of sizes which range from being anywhere from 2 berth to 6 berth (which means the amount of people it can fit inside to sleep) and are available in a huge array of designs from lots of different brands. 

    Throughout their history, tourer caravans have tended to be thought of as heavy and awkward things to tow - something in which very few people would look forward to doing and they’ve generally been seen as a bit of a hindrance to the overall holidaying experience. 



    "Above you can find a common style of tourer caravan"

    However, as the industry has progressed, tourer caravans have actually been re-imagined, re-designed and practically given a full make-over a number of times - until it has finally landed on the perfect model for any camping enthusiast, hoping to upgrade from spending their holidays in condensation ridden tents or other small trailer tents that are impractically hard to set up.

    This is the Go-Pod Micro-Tourer Caravan. 


    Similar to regular tourer caravans - but compacted into a small, lightweight & easy to tow frame that anybody can easily attach to their existing car or vehicle and take on holiday right away! Weighing from just 540kg and designed with intelligent anti-snaking technology to ensure that it wont sway on the open road.

    With a super easy set up, you simply detach the tow bar, lock the handbrake and your camp is ready for the night! 

    No-one could’ve imagined that tourer caravans could be as accessible as a Go-Pod!

    Find out more about why Go-Pods are the best alternative for anyone searching for tourer caravans or camper vans.

    Al White (France) 

  6. Teardrop caravans, also known as teardrop campers or teardrop trailers are compact, lightweight caravan trailers that get their name from the teardrop shape in which they are built.

    Teardrop caravans first gained major popularity in the early 1930’s, when originally teardrop caravans were simply made from sheets of plywood with hardwood spars. 

    Teardrop caravans remained consistently strong in the market all the way through to the 1960’s, at which point they almost entirely disappeared from mainstream camping and caravanning - due to the introduction of the first mainstream tourer caravans.

    However, surprisingly they came back into fashion during the 1990’s due to the internet’s strong power of resurgence - and the retro look / feel of the teardrop caravans, for which people had started to love once more.

     What are teardrop caravans and teardrop campers

    "Go-Pods Micro Tourer Caravans compared to Regular Teardrop Caravan"

    Teardrop caravans are usually small - anywhere from 4 feet to 6 feet in width, and 8 feet to 10 feet in length, being around 4 to 5 feet in height. The wheels are usually of a semi-robust nature, placed on the outside of the body and covered by fenders.

    Teardrop caravans are made to be very light - generally around 540kg and due to this they can be towed by almost any car or small vehicle, with fuel consumption usually being very minimal compared to caravans of a normal size. 

    Inside, there’s normally enough room to fit two people in for a cozy sleep - in addition there can be minimalist storage for utensils and clothing. Back on the outside, there is often a small hatch which can be lifted, and exposes a galley used for cooking.  

    Teardrop caravans tend to be powered via a storage battery for lighting and appliances, although some can be hooked up to the mains power supply like other normal caravans.

    Go-Pods, whilst similar in shape, size & weight to a regular teardrop caravan or teardrop camper - are far more diverse in terms of comfortability, on board storage, inside utilities and general practicality.  

    Find out why Go-Pods are the best option for anyone considering a teardrop caravan or teardrop camper here.

  7. We often hear of Go-Pod owners using their Pods for work and this one is a particularly interesting example.

    Paul Johnson is a site inspector for Alan Rogers UK & Europe Campsite Guides and uses his Go-Pod to travel around campsite to ensure the guide's accuracy. 

    Paul who is also a member of the Owner's Referral & Rewards Programme says: 

    “I am amazed how many people want to know about the Pod & Alan Rogers whilst on site. I have a special edition Go-Pod called a ‘Dog Camper Special’ which was a special for Crufts but basically it is like a Venus with a few extras.

    The light interior is lovely and I think the Venus spec will hold  its value better, although all Go-Pods have great resale value. I thought about whether to get a used one or new Pod but residual values convinced me that I might as well have a new one with my own spec.

    I have a motor mover, (essential for me), the microwave but if you are mainly off grid perhaps consider the full oven. I also had an external 13 amp plug fitted to give power in the awning. I have the Compressor fridge, which is amazing & can be a Fridge or Freezer.

    I hope to use my Go-Pod most of the year and I'm usually in Europe for long periods. It is so easy to tow and stable. If the car goes through the Go-Pod goes through too and on European motorways due to height it is usually toll free.

     Also the Go-Tarp is really useful when you just want a couple of nights."


    So if you see Paul on your journeys be sure to say hello!


  8. The Little Big Adventures of Chilli Pod - Going Go-Pod!

    With lots of our customers having being stuck inside due to the lockdown, it's been amazing to see so many posts about summer holidays and trips away in Go-Pods since the recent lift!

    None in our mind have been better so far than the following amazing post, from one of our favourite Go-Pods - the Chilli Pod!

    The owners of the Chilli Pod run a great page on Facebook - we suggest anyone enthusiastic about pods should give them a follow! 

    Here's the post below:

    "After being confined to our home and garden for what seems like forever, it has been fabulous to get out and about again in the Pod. We've had two very relaxing trips away now. One whole week of peace and quiet at Overwater Marina and a few nights at The Shady Oak Caravan Park. Both are very small sites and that really does help the feeling of relaxation, space and being away from it all.

    We have been largely self sufficient by taking our own facilities tent with loo and camping shower and only using facilities if absolutely necessary. We have done washing up at our Pod and have taken as many food supplies with us as possible. This does give you a feeling of safety whilst being away from home but outside in the fresh air.

    I feel the Pod has helped us to get out and about and start living life again. Who knows how long this virus will be about for? The situation starts to make you feel pretty depressed so the Pod has been a lifesaver. I wasn't sure how I would feel getting out and about again but the Pod has allowed me to do things "carefully" little by little whilst enjoying the countryside and the feeling of freedom.

    I have had social distancing conversations with people and so has Mr CP. As Mr CP has worked throughout all this, since March, it has been lovely for him to have a rest and recharge his batteries. We have been for walks as we would normally do when Podding away places. We have avoided anywhere crowded and have managed to get back to a bit of normality by collecting chips for our last meal at Overwater Marina and we were able to enjoy the beer garden at The Shady Oak too. We also got takeout coffee from the cafe at Overwater Marina and it is just small things like this that have helped us to feel a bit less insular.

    We have ensured that we take antibacterial wipes with us and hand gel. We have washed and washed our hands whenever we have had to use any facilities and, so far so good.

    The amount of caravanners in big caravans who tell us they use their own facilities but whom we saw every morning walking to the facilities with their washbags has been an eye opener. So many times, people have told us that they have a shower and loo in the van so they use them but, so far, we've not seen any evidence of this self containment. Therefore, having those facilities on board would seem to be a waste of time and money in my opinion. On the other hand, one caravanner told me that he wouldn't ever use his shower and loo because it was the best way to get damp in your caravan. Bizarre really.

    We'll stick to our Pod. It works for us ".

    Chilli Pod Go Pod Photo of Awning and Small Caravan

    You can find them on Facebook via @ChilliPod

    As you can see; Go-Pods really are a great way to get about travelling - especially when needing to social distance! With its small size making it very easy to tow and park, even those who aren't confident in towing can be sure that they will find it a breeze.

    If you have any questions, feel free to check our FAQ page or contact us and we'll be more than happy to help.

    #GoPod #GoPods #Go-Pods #Caravan #Camping #TentAlternative #SmallCaravan #MiniCaravan

  9. Customer Cathie recently purchased  the Fiamma Water Caddy set for her new Go-Pod, (a popular choice with Go-Pod owners), and sent us the following message:

    “I bought the Fiamma fresh & waste water tanks for use on my Go-Pod. Thought it might help with being more independent. However, cannot find any videos explaining how to use. Can you help? Thank you, Cathie.”

    Water : Waste Caddy set - Go-Pods Owners Reward

    Here’s our response:

    Hi Cathie,

    Thanks for your message.

    We don’t have a video on that particular accessory but I have suggested it to our guys at HO so we hope to have one soon.

    The set suits the Go-Pod very well and consists of two wheeled water containers - one blue, the other grey, for indentification.

    The BLUE container is intended for the water you use for the sink. You can fill it at home and take it with you or most people wheel it to the drinking water tap on the campsite and fill it there, so you don’t have to tow with the extra weight. 

    The blue tube that is supplied with your Go-Pod, (see ‘Water Supply’ video on the website’s video demo page), then drops in to the reservoir and is pumped through to the sink when you turn on the tap inside. 

    The pump should always be submerged, (so as not to run it dry), and the tap power switch on the control panel above the fridge, should be set to ‘ON’ too.

    Outside, in the area beneath the sink, you’ll find a drain pipe. The waste water from the sink exits here and this should be collected in the GREY container. Once full, wheel this to the campsite’s ‘grey water point’ for emptying.

    Waste water pipe - www.Go-Pods.co.uk

    Many people also like to take a supply of bottled drinking water for teeth cleaning, drinks, cooking etc and 2L bottles happen to store very nicely in the cupboard below the fridge. They usually stay quite cool there too!