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  1. New Go-Pod owner Deb gave us a quick update on her experience after her first outing, and how it's changed her life for the better already.


    Have a read below:

    "We had a caravan for years while our children were growing up, but I never towed it. It's still in use, my son tows it now. A fabulous van.

    When I was faced with holidaying alone, I decided to go back to a tent. This was OK, but my dog, Dylan, was an absolute pain in it - he was never like that in the caravan.

    So I began to think maybe I should try a caravan by myself after all. Our big family van was too intimidating for me, and I really fancied a Pod.

    However, I went to the NEC and allowed myself to be seduced by a lovely little van and bought it. I soon realised I'd made the wrong decision. Yes, it seemed a really super design and layout, but the build quality was awful and I hated towing it. I felt very anxious as a solo person, couldn't relax and started to avoid even planning a holiday.

    So, I revisited my gut instinct, took the plunge and bought a Pod. I've just had my first trip in it, and loved it so much. I felt like I did when caravanning for the very first time with the children.....there is nothing I don't love about it.

    Like all firsts, it's a learning curve. I quickly learned where to put things so I'm not constantly bending or waltzing round doors to get to things. It isn't a big caravan, and if you have been in your mate's twin axle Buccaneer and thought a Pod would be similar, you could be disappointed.

    For me, it does everything I could possibly need. It keeps me warm, dry, I can cook and read, I can listen to music. I can do everything I want on my holidays. And for those still wondering, it's not your house. You have to adapt to a tiny space in a temporary location. But that's the fun of it.

    As for towing, I didn't feel nervous or anxious in the slightest. Every time I looked in the rear view mirror, and saw his eyes, I smiled. Dylan was 100% settled too. Dogs are sensitive souls, so maybe he was missing caravan holidays also.

    If you've read this far, and you're still wondering shall I buy a Pod, then all I can say is that if, like me, you thought about it, then you probably should do it. It's made me have a happy holiday for the first time in a long time. That's the best feeling. It's a Podlife for me, that's for sure."

    From Go-Pods and Red Lion Caravans, we wish you and Dylan happy holidays. If the dog is happy, us human owners are always happy. That's how it works 😃

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