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  1. Ever thought of a private number plate for your car? Easy to remember, not age related, stylish & fun.

    Why not grab yourself a Go-Pod cherished number to theme to your own Go-Pod small caravan!

    Here's some fun ideas...

    G20 POD   GO-POD (FOR TWO?)

    Lots of fun and a really cool way

    to accessorise your 2 berth

    Go-Pod micro tourer caravan!

    Great for all those VW camper

    owners that tow Go-Pods for

    extra space too.

      Mr Go-Pod























  2. Even without any prior towing experience, Go-Pods are easy and hassel free to tow.

    Here are some reassuring reviews from customers who have never towed anything before.

    Rosie Whittaker

    Angela Phillips

    Sue Baker

    Keith Richardson

    Cheryl Armstrong

    Gillian Davies

    Mark Collins

    Jon Watkins 

    So whether you're young, more senior, single, a couple or a family - you'll find Go-Pods to be very easy to hook up and tow. You don't need any special equipment, mirror extensions, stabilisers or towing courses and the Go-Pods own braking system ensures that everything stays nicely under control - even in an emergency stop situation.

    There will be no 'snaking' or wobbling even at motorway speeds, when going over high bridges or when a big lorry passes. Go-pods remain steady all the way.

    Worried about reversing? Don't be! Go-Pods are easy to reverse, just keep it slow or if you prefer, unhitch, move the car, spin the Go-Pod caravan around then just hook it back up & go. You're never really stuck like you could be with a larger caravan or motorhome.

    What about fueling up with a Go-Pod on? Well that's exactly the same as if it wasn't there. Just pull up to the pump refuel and you're on your way.

    And for a little extra help on arrival, the ultimate in convenience is a motor mover. Then just unhitch your Go-Pod, engage the motor mover and slowly position your compact caravan in to the exact spot, effortlessly - however rough the ground is.

    For more information on towing a Go-Pod please visit the following link or drop us a line.



  3. What advantages do Go-Pods offer over other options?


    Motorhomes - lovely but expensive! Costing around six or eight times more, even their first year's devaluation will exceed the price of a brand new Pod! And apart from the limitations of having to drive around in a lorry-size vehicle, they can be prohibitive once you're there too, as you'll be less inclined to want to break up camp to head out for a drive. Which is why many motorhome owners have to tow a small car behind - adding a further vehicle to the running costs. Go-Pods allow you the freedom to use your normal vehicle for excursions and for grabbing supplies. More than half of our customers are down-sizing from motorhomes in favour of the convenience of a Go-Pod.

    Camper Vans - very cool looking and some are even iconic. But these too suffer from many of the motorhome's limitations. They are pricey and of course you don't have a run-around vehicle at your disposal when on site. What's more, unless they become your everyday vehicle, (which isn't always very practical), then they bring the inevitable burden of extra vehicle running costs. Go-Pods however can usually be used with your existing vehicle & when they're not in use, they're not costing you anything. And a Go-Pod will not devalue like a camper, making very good economic sense. Campervan beds are not always as comfortable as hoped and with the bed made up, many models leave no room for standing, dressing, using the loo etc. Go-Pods offer a wonderful bed and a convenient standing area even with the bed made up.

    Teardrop caravans - cute & easy to tow and store of course but the true teardrop was designed for warmer climates and has an external kitchen area that's not so good for this country. Being a bed on wheels, unless you add an awning, there's no indoor seating area so if it's bad weather, you're sent to bed early!

    Caravans - roomy compared to a micro tourer but this feature can become offset by the drawbacks of owning a larger caravan. Storage, (the cost & convenience of it), is probably the first thing to consider as not everyone is lucky enough to have storage at home. If you don't have to pay storage fees you might likely store your caravan in the front garden which although convenient, isn't great for your security - as everyone knows when you are away from home. Go-Pods being small are far more inconspicuous, especially when stored under the custom made winter cover. Many people even store them in their garages and have them their, ready to go. And unlike a bigger caravan, you'll find there's less planning with a Go-Pod trip. They really are so easy to hitch, tow and set up that even an overnight getaway is a completely viable, welcome escape. And en-route, being stuck in an awkward situation with a Go-Pod is very unlikely. Even in a tight spot, you can just unhitch, spin it around, hitch back up and you're on your way again. Many consider Go-Pods to be more fun than conventional caravans, as although they still have all the comforts of full size caravans, their compact nature and quirkiness will really do make you smile. Go-Pods hold their value better than regular caravans and can be purchased new at a fraction of the cost.

    Trailer Tents - roomy and easier to store than a caravan but also with some inherent drawbacks. Setting up can take some time, (even longer in windy weather), especially compared to a Go-Pod. In it's simplest form, the Go-Pod only requires you to wind down two legs and start relaxing. Other trailer tent fun-busters include needing to ensure your tent is dry before packing away and if it rains on the day you're going home, this will mean opening it out to dry when you get home. With Go-Pods you just lower the clever pop-top and go! Of course tents are too cold for most people to use in the winter but Go-Pods are fully insulated with thermal retentive styrofoam within the walls, allowing all weather use of your micro tourer, so the fun continues all year.

    Tents - cheap to purchase for summer use and good value for sure but not the most comfortable at times, with airbeds that tend to deflate in the night! Plus when it rains, a tent is a pretty miserable place to be. Go-Pods allow you to sit inside a cosy environment, on your memory foam furnishings when the weather takes a turn. Just put your feet up, make a nice hot drink and watch your favourite film on the flatscreen TV/DVD. No need to worry about packing away in the wet or having to go home early just in case of rain either, as in your Go-Pod you can happily weather the storms!

    Hotels - Not as cheap as they were and of course, you never quite know what you're going to get. And the nightly room rate isn't the only thing you'll save in your Go-Pod as you also have the option of taking your own food, further saving on those holiday expenses. Hotel costs are 'lost money' and so it makes good sense to spend your money on something that has a lasting, intrinsic value instead. You have you're own personal space in a Go-Pod & private bedding. And by leaving your 'Pod packed on stand by, it becomes like a suitcase that's ready to pick up and go, increasing your spontaneity for getting away.

    • Summary - The Go-Pod no doubt ticks a lot of the boxes and offers many advantages over the alternatives listed above. It's excellent build quality, durability, styling & superb value, has made it the leading model in it's class. Even if you don't like towing, this ultra light trailer at 545Kg will not phase you in the slightest. It has its own braking system that improves control, is very aerodynamic & tows like a dream. Of course to retain true micro tourer dimensions and benefits, a separate bathroom area is sacrificed but then most campsites have great facilities and many of those with on-board facilities actually prefer the shower block over the risk of damp, using their water supply up and having to empty the grey water after. So if anything is to be compromised, the bathroom area is a very good trade off. The seamless, one piece monocoque design eliminates the water ingress problems from seams that plague other camping options, making the Go-Pod very durable. Considering the price and storng re-sale values, the Go-Pod represents one of the least expensive options and a great value option.

    More information - click here.

  4. Have you considered heating your Go-Pod by the way?

    Go-Pod owners find that adding heating is actually very cost effective. It allows you to extend your season and as such, the use you can make from your caravan investment.

    Most campsites are open all year and as long as you’re  able to keep warm, you can take advantage of the milder winters, less crowded sites and lower pitch fees.

    The heaters, (along with the Go-Pods excellent insulation), ensure you’ll be snug and allow to get away, all year round!

    Go ahead and treat yourself... one night you'll be very glad you did!

    Blown Air 240V Gas



  5. Fed up of hotels and B&B's for your work travel?

    Want to be assured of sleeping somewhere decent & have your own space?

    Go-Pods for business are a both a convenient option and a wise investment. They hold their value extremely well, earn their money and can even be sign-written to promote your business too!

    And costing just £8329.17 before VAT more an more professionals are using Go-Pods for their business travel and accommodation.

    Click here to book a viewing.