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  1. We often get asked if there is room for pets to sleep inside the Go-Pod when the bed is made up? 
    Yes! We're pleased to say there is ample floor space for your dog!
    It’s actually 1m long by 62cm wide in standing room but additionally, the area beneath is open to access too, so even larger dogs can stretch out comfortably below the bed.
    More details on the Specs page.
  2. Some benefits... even if you only camp with electric hook up.

    With renewable energy being so important these days and solar farms popping up all over, we at Go-Pods believe that ALL caravans should take advantage of their large, vacant roof spaces by adding built in solar panels. After all, all caravans have a leisure battery that needs to be charged and keeping it topped up continuously helps maintain it in great condition.

    Solar Panel 90WIt’s quite common in the height of summer to find that campsites in the area you’d like to visit, have no pitches remaining with electric hook up. The increased seasonal demand means those pitches have all been taken and that's very disappointing.

    However, they often have pitches remaining without electric hook up, so why not take one of those, get in to your favoured campsite, use all their other amenities and run your Go-Pod happily from the onboard 12V battery and gas.

    Solar power is a great way to keep your battery topped up at these times and a further benefit is that pitches without hook up are cheaper, so the solar panel actually saves you money here!

    Typically a non-electric pitch in the high season can save you around £50 per week, so many campers choose this option as their first preference.

    We have two options of Solar Panel to offer as an upgrade, (60W or 90W), and they will even produce electricity for your Go-Pod on cloudy days.

    Ultra thin and fitted to the pop-top, our solar option is unobtrusive and works in the background without you having to do anything.

    Solar panels can be retro-fitted in our Lancashire workshops. For more information please click here.

  3. Campsites notoriously suffer from poor TV reception and many now offer a plug-in connection from their power turrets, that provides a helpful solution. So be sure to pack a coil of aerial extension lead, to connect to your Go-Pod's external aerial socket to the campsite's aerial socket.

     But if this service is not available, here's a couple of things that might prove helpful...

     We have a TV aerial on the Accessories page that matches the Go-Pods TV. The important thing is that it can be boosted from the TV to much improve your signal.

    In the TV's settings menu look for the '5 Amp power boost' setting and make sure that it is on before starting the tuning sequence. This makes all the difference!

    Also, iPhone users may like to download the iTransmitterLocator app to their phones. The app displays a big red arrow on your phone's screen, pointing in the direction of the strongest TV signal. And certainly takes the guess work out of positioning your aerial!

    We don't offer a fixed external aerial as an accessory, as we recommend that the external shell of the Going Go-Pod is not compromised by unecessary screw holes or fixings.