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  1. How might the lockdown effect camping & caravanning once lifted?

    With COVID-19 sweeping across the world and affecting many of us who would usually be away on camping trips right now, the question begged to be asked is - how will this all effect camping & caravanning once the lockdown is lifted?

    We can be sure that once the coronavirus lockdown is lifted, many will be keen to go on camping trips, even those who would usually otherwise have gone abroad! Flights and overseas destinations are probably still going to be considered risky for a good while that's for sure.

     Go-Pod 2 Berth Micro Tourer Caravan - Camping by a lake, once coronavirus l

    Image courtesy of Go-Pod owners Mike & Sue Beach. 

    Camping / caravanning in turn could be seen as the perfect alternative to international holidays and also as a great way to incorporate a little social distancing while still getting out and about. 

    Actually if you do happen to have a cough show up - you could even turn your Pod into a portable quarantine station - somebody contact the NHS – Go-Pod caravans may be need rebranding!  

    Having this in mind, most campers are likely wondering whether or not they should be pre-booking pitches ready for summer? Many campers agree that once we have clear guidelines on when restrictions will be lifted, then it would be a great time to place a booking. But why wait? Pitches could suddenly be in short demand so consider booking now, on the proviso that you can cancel with refund or move dates if necessary.

    Due to uncertainty as to when the Coronavirus pandemic will subside – many campsites are happy to take bookings on a free cancellation basis but make sure you check with them at the time you book, if a deposit is requested.

    Weather-proofing your holiday plans can be the difference between good times or disaster and the Go-Pod sees a lot of people moving up from tent camping for a luxury & comfort upgrade. Whatever the British weather throws your way you’ll be snug, warm and dry in your Go-Pod and when it’s time to move, there’s no drying out worry about. Pure freedom and convenience.

    Luckily, the compact 2 berth micro-tourer caravan Go-Pod can be equipped with off hook up facilities like a solar panel, which means finding space at campsites is often easier, as even if all the electric pitches are gone, (and they tend to get booked up first), you'll be self sufficeint & can often happily take a ‘green pitch’ instead. Saves money too!

    Scottish visits are likely to be popular and you don't necessarily even need a campsite! As long as you're equipped with the right gear, then you can really push social distancing to the next level by finding a remote spot in the countryside to ‘wild camp’ in. A quarantiner’s dream of course! As Go-Pods are the ultimate road trip option, so once you've finished exploring that area, you can simply wind up the rear stabiliser legs & move on to the next adventure - just be sure to wash your hands first!

    There will be more info on camping off hook up in our next blog post by the way.

     Go-Pod 2 Berth Micro Tourer Caravan - Caravanning on the go!

    Image courtesy of Go-Pod owners Mr & Mrs Goldie. Glencoe, Scotland.

    If you're interested in some accessories that will make it easier for you to set up your Go-Pod 2 Berth Micro-Tourer Caravan out on the go, then please kindly visit our shop page. where you can find many great camping / caravanning accessories. 

  2. Jayne & Godfrey Wilkinson collected their Go-Pod from Red Lion on the 2nd August 2019 - and then set straight off on an epic road trip across Europe! This is what they said;

    We picked up our new Go-Pod on 2nd August 2019.  
    We then travelled for a month across Europe, staying in the Go-Pod on a number of campsites in France, Switzerland and Italy, to our final destination on 31st August, the Mani, in the Peloponnese, Greece. 
    We travelled a total of 3158 km (1963 miles), it was a great trip and the perfect way to travel.
    Jayne & Godfrey.
    The Go-Pod, being easy to tow & cheaper on ferry costs is the perfect micro caravan for European road trips. Have a look at some of their pictures from the trip below!
  3. Go-Pod owner Christine shares her experiences on bad weather when Podding:

    I was in Dorset last September during the big storm that lasted several days.

    My Go-Pod felt very stable even though the winds were full on from the sea! I didn't think the awning would fare quite as well so I took it down taken down as a precaution.

    I didn't once feel buffeted by the storm and very strong winds although it was a bit noisier!

    I also learnt to adapt quite quickly to the much smaller living space. Amazing how little space you actually need. I left the bed down and used it as a sofa during the day. Everything was within reach without me even moving! Tea,wine,food, cooker and remote control!! 


  4. Can Go-Pods actually change your life? Here's what Go-Pod owner Elaine has to say...
    Elaine Riddell
    This photo was taken in the Pyrenees between France and Spain - up and down winding mountain roads so just goes to show how easy the pod is to tow!
    Happy to say we had no teething problems on our first big trip and love the freedom we get with the Go-Pod.
    We would check the weather each day & decide where to go next.
    Loving the pod life !
    Kind regards, Elaine 
  5. Well you can't beat this for both pure genius & determination!
    Chris Felton's garage lacked a little height but that wasn't enough to deter this guy from Go-Podding! Here's what he says:
    "Hi Phill,
    Thought I'd send you a couple of pics showing how I managed to fit it my Go-Pod in the garage.
    Stored nice and dry since early October and not due to be let out until April.
    A set of 8 inch wheels was the answer and with the aid of a hydraulic troley jack and an air powered wheel wrench I can have them changed in about 15 minutes.
    I'm going to try to get in the habit of putting it away each time as it's pretty easy to just roll in and I can keep it out of the weather.
    In fact I find myself in the garage polishing it from time to time!
    Hope you're well. Chris."
  6. We asked new Go-Pod owners Cherie & Ricky to send us an account of their winter Podding adventures and here's what they had to say...

    "This is Our Go-Pod Journey.

    I'm one of those people who often gets an idea in their head and I research, research and research. 99% of the time I will find a problem that puts me off. (My poor Husband Ricky really doesn't know if he's coming or going sometimes). 
    This is our Journey to owning our very first Go-Pod. 
    A good few years ago when our children were young, we were avid tent campers. Now I am in my mid 40's and Ricky in his early 50's we decided camping was getting too much for us. 
    We wanted a little luxury, something that ticked ALL the right boxes. Something that enabled us freedom to explore and to be in total comfort.
    I started looking at caravans and doing my usual througher "research" when I discovered the GO-POD!
    IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I you-tubed it, googled it, read reviews and chatted about it with family and friends. Then I came across a fantastic site on Facebook called "Go Pod Information #Podlife" that is run by a very friendly and experienced Go-Pod owner called Suzanne Winterbottom-Jones. This gave us both a wealth of up to date information. The other 200 + members were there on hand to offer their advice too. 
    Ricky got in touch with a local couple who were very happy to show us around their Go-Pod. We knew it would be just perfect for us. 
    A few months later we went along to a caravan show and met Chris who specialises in the Going Go-Pod. This is where we put a deposit down on our Pod. It was so easy and straightforward. We booked our collection date and time and off we went, proud Pod owners. 
    Chris also kept in touch via email. A couple of months later in November 2018 Ricky and I drove up to collect our brand new Pod. We stayed the night as the journey was long but we hardly slept as we were so excited! 
    First thing Saturday morning we arrived and Chris greeted us and showed us all around our new Pod. Chris explained everything we needed to know. It was really nice having just the one person to deal with who remembered us. It gives the feeling of "a personal touch. 
    We exchanged payment and off we went. We drove all the way home (4 1/2 hours). 
    The drive back was rather unusual. Having not towed before it felt slightly "jerky". Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a problem, everything felt stable. It was just not what we expected. (on further research this is very common especially in unloaded caravans). 
    A few days later we naturally had forgotten a few things and Chris and his after sales care were 100% helpful in every way. 
    The First Weekend Away.
    All Packed up and off we set. Didn't go far from home, just visited a lovely little caravan site half an hour up the road. We had booked up 2 nights. (It was 3 weeks to Christmas but we were determined to try it out).
    Towing the Pod this time was even better now we had some weight inside it. 
    The weather that weekend was very cold with a northerly wind.
    That wasn't going to put us off having a great time... And we did. On arrival Ricky took about 15 minutes to wind down the stabilisers, plug in the electric hook up and fill the water caddy. I made a cuppa tea for us both and whacked up the heating. 
    We had an amazing 2 night mini holiday. 
    Check out our photos.... We spent nearly all our weekend relaxing in the pod. 
    Both of us would highly recommend the Go-Pod. Its easy to park, set up, has everything you need. We love the ease of cooking, the TV/DVD player, the extra wide bed. We love everything! 
    We are extremely pleased with our choice of purchase and the service we had. 
    Looking forward to more holiday adventures! :-)"
    More info on Go-Pods at Go-Pods.co.uk
  7. Relatively new to the Go-Pod set are Alison & Brian, although that doesn't mean they haven't spent a considerable number of nights away already.

    Glencoe ~ BRIAN GOLDIE 2

    Brian is also a dab-hand with the camera and sent in some beautiful photos of their Highland adventures. Here's what they say...

    "For us the Go-Pod is a wonderful step up from a tent, having camped for a number of years.

    The size makes it so easy to tow. It just glides along with the car. We picked up ours in June last year and so far, we've been away around 30 nights, Which is testament to how easy it is to get away with a Go-Pod!

    We’ve been to Mull, Fort William, Glencoe, Glenmore (near Aviemore) and also enjoyed an overnight at a wee place called Stronachlachar, staying on the pier itself. This is the sort of thing you can do with a micro-tourer Go-Pod. We went for 16 miles on a single track road and it was absolutely no problem towing it, even when meeting cars coming the other way. 

    We all sleep very comfortably on the bed, 2 adults and a Springer Spaniel.

    One of our best buys ever!"



  8. Although cleverly compact, Go-Pods are enjoyed by plenty of tallers Podders!

    With the pop-top providing standing room of over 6ft and the generous bed which measures 6ft 2in at it's longest point, the Go-Pod is larger inside than you might think. And with a growing number, (no pun intended), of customers, some up to 6ft 4in it's certainly worth a closer look.

    bed dims

    A video link follows & here's what some of our exisiting owners have to say;

    Tall Go-Pod 1

    Tall Go-Pod 2

    Tall Go-Pod 3

    Tall Go-Pod 4

    For more height related reviews type or paste Go-Pod 6ft2 in to YouTube!





  9. It’s important to secure your jockey wheel properly while using your Go-Pod and here are a few tips on how to overcome some common issues.

    On this example shown, the bracket has been clamped up too low down on the jockey wheel. It should be clamped around the larger diameter top part.

    However, it is also possible to tighten the jockey wheel clamp on the larger diameter tube but still have it looking crooked like this.

    The arrow labelled '1' in the photo below shows where the clamp should be ideally.

    To correct any issues like this, we suggest supporting the front end of the Go-Pods hitch using something that is substantial enough to take its weight. A axle stand, block of wood or bricks maybe. Take suitable care with this and ensure the handbrake is applied.

    With the support in place wind the jockey wheel up, so that the whole weight of the Go-Pod now rests on the support you prepared, thus raising the jockey wheel up in to the air.

    If the smaller diameter tube is over extended, continue winding until most of it is inside of the larger diameter outer tubing.

    Once the jockey wheel is off the ground you can release the clamp lock, (number 4 on the photo), taking care not to drop it on to your toes! 

    You can then ensure the larger diameter tube is correctly positioned in the clamp. 

    TIP! Wiggle the jockey wheel as you re-tighten the clamp lock, to ensure it is straight & properly seated in the clamp. Clamping it up wonky is a common issue as is failing to tighten the clamp suffeciently - as they can begin to work loose unless if they're not properly tightened.

    With the jockey wheel adjusted and the clamp tight, wind the handle, (3), again so that the wheel touches the floor and jacks your Go-Pod up, off of the support. You can now remove the support.

    A jockey wheel that is clamped crooked, will often jump straight suddenly, (as you move around inside), and will result in the clamp becoming loose. This can cause the front of the Go-Pod to drop without warning and although alarming, this is not normally detrimental.

    If this does happen, just re-set your jockey wheel is the way described above. Jockey wheels are seldom faulty and the majority of issues are user related.

    Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 14.41.16

    If in doubt, please contact the After Sales Department on 01704 889973.

  10. Chassis Plate Update - 2018 models only.

    Red Lion Caravans Ltd have released a chassis plate update. The plate reflects the higher 1000Kg MTPLM that was introduced for 2018 models.

    If you own a 2018 model and would like to receive an updated chassis plate, please contact Nicci Taylor on [email protected] with your chassis number and full postal address.


    Only applicable to 2018 Go-Pods with chassis plates displaying 750Kg MTPLM - on models purchased pre-September 2018.

    The amended plate will display the MTPLM as 1000Kg.

    A new plate is only required if you intend carrying heavy loads that will push the total weight of your Go-Pod & contents to over 750Kg.

    We recommend Platinum model owners apply.

    The combined weight for your Go-Pod & contents should not exceed the tow vehicle's braked towing allowance.

    It is the the towers repsonibility to ensure they conform to towing regulations.